Thursday, June 30, 2005


I could go to the game today if only I could get out of work early. Game is at 1:30. Not possible though because my partner is leaving early. Why are tickets suddenly being thrown at me? Oh, I'm not complaining. Not at all. Please, keep them coming. Just can't go today. Poop.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

All Mixed Up!

Well, apparently this is more popular than I thought. Doom sent me this story at the end of the day today and I read it on the way home. No need to link him; he already is in the last post. Here is a link to the story though so you will know what I am talking about.

The act of, or better yet, the idea of mixing cereal was completely foreign to me until a little over a year ago. My dad moved out to Arizona and I helped him move. We drove. While on the road we ate out obviously, but the week I spent in Arizona following the drive we just ate cereal every morning.

Now I had stopped eating cereal on a regular basis years ago. Those of you that have read other posts here know I can be a bit of a boozer, so something a bit more substancial is usually required to get me going in the morning.

So on the first morning in Arizona my stepmother puts 4 boxes of cereal out and a gallon of milk. I think, great, I have some choices. Then I see my dad pour some cereal from one box, put it down, pour from a 2nd box, and then a 3rd. Whoa! "Dad, what are you doing?" He tells me that it makes it more interesting. He's been doing it for a little while now because he got bored of just one kind. Hmm, I think, maybe I'll try this. This could be the key to my eating cereal more often again. Yes, I too had become bored. So I grab the box of Raisin Bran and pour a little in. I grab the box of Apple Cinnamin Cheerios and pour a little in. Then I top it off with a little bit of Grape Nuts, add some milk and take a bite. "Not bad dad, I think you may be onto something." I continued to eat like this the rest of the week. The Grape Nuts eventually ran out and on the last 2 days I used Frosted Mini Wheats. Mmmm, I liked that even more.

One night right after I got home from vacation I was up at a bar watching The Cubs with Doom. Actually The Cubs had already lost and we were just at the bar drinking and bullshitting. I told him about this cereal thing and he just thought it was the craziest thing he had ever heard. That was sacreligious in his eyes and he was going to have no part of it. We laughed and as what always happens with many beers and conversation, we jumped to another topic and another. Not long after this cereal conversation though I was looking at a pretty girl standing the bar with a receipt in her hand and somehow Danny and I started talking to her about her grocery list and she mentioned something about mixing cereal! We both started cracking up and told her how we had just been talking about that.

Well, from reading this news story, I guess a lot more of it is going on. Needless to say, I have only eaten cereal a handful of times in the last year. I have not mixed since Arizona. I have no doubt in my mind that I will again though.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oh man!

I just popped over here and I was on the floor! I'll be posting some pictures of my own, but check it out.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Wax the Mucks

Cocks the Walks. Suck the Fox. Poops the Shoot. I missed the Gay Pride Parade yesterday. It was the first time missing it in like 7 years. I had every intention of going but was offered a ticket to the Cubs - White Sox game with Prior on the mound and there was no way I was going to pass that up. It was well worth it. Prior pitched a 6 inning 1 hit shut out. The bullpen took care of the rest. I'm so glad he is back. The Cubs only scored 2 runs but that was all they needed. It was a great day. That was the first time I'd been to the new Comiskey. It's a really nice park and the team is really good. It's too bad they can't fill it up except, of course, when The Cubs are there. And boy are the fans bitter. They really really really hate the Cubs. Instead of supporting their team by wearing Sox shirts, you'll see a bunch of "CUBS SUCK!" shirts or "CUCK THE FUBS!" shirts. It's really something and this negativity is very much encouraged. I don't know why they are so angry. Well, it was a fun day and I'm glad The Cubs came away with a victory. Some pictures to come soon.

*****Something to add here in the afternoon. Let's see. We'll make this blue for The Fubs, I mean Cubs. Oop, that was a close one. Ok, I talked to my friend Steve today who was also at the game. I knew he was yesterday but had not talked to him to let him know I would be there as well. Apparently they were pretty close to us too. We were in section 533 behind home plate and they were in section 540 looking down at 3rd base. Oh well, So Steve tells me that these bitter bastards were taking Cubs fans hats off and throwing them over the balcony. Not the fans, but their hats. You poor bitter bastards.*****

Friday, June 24, 2005

It's just that demon life has got you in its sway

Now listen up! Alright good people. Folks are going to pass by you today and tell you it's Friday. Don't worry. Folks are going to pass you by and mention it is the weekend. Don't worry. Folks are going to pass you by and tell you that it's hot today. Don't worry good people. All of these things are true. With that in mind, have a good time. I plan on it. I walked in this morning and declared it Wear Your Sunglasses at Your Desk Day. Unfortunately no one else shared my enthusiasm. Oh well. Chickenshits. Some words from Mr. Morrision.

"I'll tell you what. I'm gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames. Alright!"

Have a good time this weekend people. Whether it's going to the pool, watching the Cubs and Sox battle it out, partying at the Gay Pride Parade, going to a show, sleeping in, going to brunch, having sex, throwing a bbq, having a picnic, doing The Worm, riding the bike, just chilling out, or whatever it is you like to do. I promise to hold up my end of the bargain. Thank you.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Cowpie treads on my head every night when I go to sleep and purrs very loudly. He always jumps in the tub after I shower and licks it and the wall. Every morning after my shower when I go in my room to get dressed Seven comes running in and jumps on the bed and sits right next to my leg while I put my socks on. He gets mad if I pet him at that moment though. He just wants to be close to me. Cats. What else? Cowpie plays fetch with bottle caps. I eat on the couch in front of the tv with Seven behind my head and one paw on my shoulder. Cowpie sometimes sings Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. He is unaware of it though. Sometimes Seven sounds like a monkey. They both like to be picked up but not for very long. They both like table scraps but only Seven begs. Cowpie is trained. He was really bad as a kitten though. They get really fired up when I play loud music and even more fired up when I'm singing and playing guitar. They sprint all over the apartment. They don't mind if I join them in the running either. Cowpie has not destroyed anything since Seven moved in, but most of the posters I have up and a couple of stereo speakers prove what he is capable of. Seven is ruining part of my couch. Neither one of them like the vacuum cleaner. Cowpie likes the broom. They are both killers. They show me what they are capable of with their toys. They keep me company. They are probably sleeping right now. What do your cats do?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Never Trust a Preacher With a Boner

Damn, I thought I had at least a couple more. Oh well. I had mentioned in an earlier post of how I had recently been in contact with an old high school friend who now lives in NC. In an e-mail conversation I had told her about a sign I had seen on a church marquee while driving through NC on tour one time that read "If You Give Satan an Inch He Will Become Your Ruler." She said funny I should mention that because there was a church right down the street from her with signs like that every week. She's been sending weekly updates. As it looks like I will be very busy today I thought I would post some now and for some reason thought I had more. So I guess this is just a little tease. 6 months from now I should have a nice list to choose from. Here ya go:

Sick of getting BURNED? Get some "son" Block.

"Ask about our pray as you go plan"

A lways
S ay
P rayer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I thought of writing about Billy Corgan today since seeing him on WGN while getting ready for work this morning and reading about his solo album and the add he put in the paper about getting the Pumpkins back together, but it seems lots of folks are already doing that. Seems weird to me and maybe just a way of stirring up more interest in his solo album, but then again he does come right out and say he wants to reform so who knows? He does have folks talking. I will say as I am listening to the new album right now that it sounds pretty good and he does a cover of the Bee Gee's song To Love Somebody with Robert Smith that I enjoyed quite a bit. That is all.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Metallic Black Metallic

The Atlantic Divide put me in the mood to listen to Catherine Wheel. Been listening to them this morning. Good stuff. The show on Friday was a lot of fun. Everyone at Silvie's was very nice and we were treated very well. Definitely would play there again.

Saturday I went to The Fire game with $in and a couple of others. It ended in a tie. It was great day to be outside though and I wanted to stay at Soldier Field all day. But we could not do that so instead we went to Beachwood. Apparently my night last Sunday was not as bad as I thought. Still, blacking out is bad anyway and I don't like it. Doesn't happen often. We hung out there for a while. I wanted to go see my friend's Sybris play at Metro but thought it was probably out of my budget. After sitting at Beachwood for hours though thinking if I stayed there all night again there was bound to be a repeat of last weekend; I decided to hop in a cab with Trecia and go to Schuba's to see The Paybacks. That was a fun show. I felt bad about missing Sybris but ended up at an after hours with all of them later on. Felt like old times. I brought a pair of pliers. I was glad I did. They came in handy.

I miss my dad. He lives in Arizona now and I have not seen him in almost a year. Of course I talked to him yesterday but he was really out of it. He just had surgery and had just got back from the hospital on Saturday. Years ago he was hit in the head with a steel door at work and has had all kinds of neck, back, and nerve problems. He talked to me as long as he could before apologizing and told me he would call in week when it would be easier for him to talk.

In other news, recieved an e-mail this morning from an old old friend who has been on a waitng list for a kidney transplant for 4 years and got the call at 2:00 this morning. He goes to the hospital today to prepare for major surgery. I was very happy to get this news.

The Cubs were swept by The Yankees this weekend. I was not happy about that news.

The P R Pride Parade was this weekend. I usually dread that weekend where I live, but it seemed much quieter this year. Not sure. Guess the neighborhood is changing.

And finally, I talked to someone Saturday who met Hunter Thompson once and Hunter said 2 words to him. Those words: "Fuck You." It was a pretty funny story.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Hey Tonight

Gonna be tonight,
Don't you know I'm flyin
Tonight, tonight.

Hey, c'mon,
Gonna chase tomorrow
Tonight, tonight.


It's been a sober week and a humbling one in my mind. I think I'll drink a few beers tonight. Come hang out and join me if you'd like:

Milk at Midnight plays Silvie's Lounge tonight, Friday, June 17th. Yeah!

Silvie's Lounge
1902 W. Irving Park Road
9pm / 21+ / $7
9:30PM - The Atlantic Divide
10:30PM - The Rikters
11:30PM - Milk at Midnight

The new EP "Letter Bombs and Holidays," recently profiled by Richard Milne on
WXRT's Local Anesthetic Capsule, is available now at the website and at all shows!

"'Never Liked It Here Much Anyway" kicks ass!" -- Richard Milne

"Milk at Midnight’s EP is the kind of album we love: one that reveals itself a little more on each listen. The characters in these songs are in a constant struggle between optimism and pessimism and the music reflects that. Plus, it’s exciting to hear a banjo used outside of the alt-country genre especially when its the perfect counterpoint to fuzzed-up guitars ('Never Liked It Here Much Anyway')" --

PS. I believe I might have only put deodorant under one arm today. I put my pants on the right way though.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

"Nice Work!"

Yesterday, as I passed a mother pulling away from her parking spot, while walking down Damen Ave. around 5:30, a kid in the back seat held his hand out with a baseball in it and said to me, "hey, do you see this? I caught The Cubs foul ball!" He was super pumped. I smiled at him and said "nice work!!" I remembered the days when I would bring my glove to the park in hopes of catching a foul ball. Never did. Closest I ever did was probably 5 years ago. I was at a game with my sister. They were playing Houston. We were in the 12th row behind home plate. Great seats! She had a friend who hooked us up. My seat was the first one in the row. A foul ball popped up and back and slammed into the roof above us and came crashing down even faster and just missed taking half my face off and made me spill half my beer before boucing away and into someone elses hands. Scared the crap out of me! Cubs lost that game in 12 innings.

One of coworkers won a trip to anywhere in the world that American Airlines flies to from WNUA. Apparently he put his name into the drawing 2 years ago and yesterday they drew his name and called him here. "Nice work!" He said they were playing a sample of the phone conversation all day on the station yesterday. He was laughing at how deep his voice sounded.

The new Will Farrell move Stranger Than Fiction is being filmed a block away from where I work. Walked past yesterday at lunch. No shooting was happening yet.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Somewhere between a Van Gogh 2 and 3

There is a book of short stories by Thom Jones called Cold Snap.
I believe it's the first story in the book, but I can't remember the name of it right now. The main character uses a scale between 6 Van Gogh paintings to compare his own level of sanity. Van Gogh 1 being the most sane and Van Gogh 6 being the highest level of insanity, the level where he was cutting off his ear. The character in this story would write notes to himself and stick them on his refridgerator. I wish I had the book in front of me so I could quote one of the notes. On a good day he would write himself an uplifting message and then be passing through his kitchen later being in a much different mood and read it and write himself another one saying "who is this asshole? I hate this fucking guy!!"

The point of this is that I feel that way with this blog. Yesterday and the day before, when I was probably around a Van Gogh 5, I read what I wrote last week and was like, who is this guy? Shut the hell up you prick! I hate this fucking guy! But today, being more around a Van Gogh 2, I looked at the last entry and kind of chuckled thinking, take it easy there kid. It's not all that bad. Just another day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bloody Hell

I'm not going to drink until at least our show on Friday and probably not much then either. I think also it is time for me to enforce my old rule of no shots after midnight. In the last month or so I've been hitting the sauce a lot harder than usual. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. Maybe bored, maybe lonely, maybe angry, maybe all that. I'm scaring myself a little lately so I will chill. Well, at least this weekend I scared myself. When you don't remember leaving a bar, have little flashes of the night before slip back into your memory all the next day which all seem very ugly, still feel like hell 2 days later, wake up on the floor in the middle of your living room half naked, have to call into work because you are so sick, it's time to chill for a minute until you can make it fun again so that is what I will do. I probably won't feel this way in a few days, but I'm definitely in need of a break. Time to clear away the fog and the haze.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. Didn't go to work today. I couldn't do it. I don't remember leaving the Beachwood. I think someone might have been yelling at me and wanting to fight me. I don't know. Maybe I imagined it. Shouldn't have been doing Jameson shots and should have been smart and left when the rest of my friends did, but I'm not smart. Apparently I'm going into business with someone I was talking to last night. He left me a message all fired up today and after talking to some people that can help us. It's actually a great idea, but I can't believe I was even carrying a conversation at the end of the night. Well, if it pans out I'll speak more about it. You may possibly be a contributer too. Ooh, I don't feel good. This is a hangover from 3 rough days in a row. I'm sitting in my underwear with the blinds open in front of the window typing. People can see me. There was almost just an accident because assholes don't ever stop at the stop sign. What else? Remembered why we hadn't played a certain club in years this weekend. Won't ever do it again. The cats are warm. Prom was fun. The roller derby bout yesterday was kick ass. Very much enjoyed that. I don't feel good.

Friday, June 10, 2005

10 Minutes Until I Can Leave

Instead of working though I'm going to type for 10 minutes. Hee hee.

Ok, this was really funny, but let's see if I make it funny to read. Last Friday I was driving down Damen Ave. with $in in the car. We were at the light and basically sitting right in front of Double Door and the L station. I was talking and $in pointed at an attractive girl on a bicycle going by. I turned and looked out the window and said "oh yeah" without even thinking. My window was wide open and as I said it she was right next to me and looking at me. She gave me that "you creep" look. I could do nothing else but start laughing really hard. I was a bit embarrassed. It's especially funny because I never do anything like that. Those that know me know that I'm not that creepy guy. This reminded me of another situation years ago. Tony, $in and myself were in Tony's van going through the drive thru at Popeyes. Around that time we were all calling each other bitch a lot. We get up to the window and Tony gives the woman money and in return she hands him a bag of food. Tony hands it back to $in so he can grab the drinks. $in says "thanks bitch" and as Tony starts to drive away $in waves to the drive thru girl completey oblivious to what just happened as she looks on in horror, as she must think it was directed towards her. It was quite funny. Ok, time to go.

Get Behind Me Satan

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I almost never skip it. Even if I wake up at 3:00 in the afternooon, I'll still eat breakfast. On rare occasions if I wake up really late I will give in and eat lunch instead. I believe in a hearty breakfast. Very important in keeping energy up. This morning I'm eating a skillet with eggs, ham, green pepper, green onion, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and potatoes and a cup of coffee with milk. The only thing that would make this breakfast better would be 2 bloody mary's with beer backs, 4 screwdrivers, more beer, a bottomless glass of water, a book, a magazine, the morning paper, or hours of conversation.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

No Worries

Team America(World Police)

America, FUCK YEAH!

Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah,
America, FUCK YEAH!
Freedom is the only way yeah,
Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer too,
America, FUCK YEAH!
So lick my butt, and suck on my balls,

America, FUCK YEAH!
What you going to do when we come for you now,
it’s the dream that we all share; it’s the hope for tomorrow

McDonalds, FUCK YEAH!
Wal-Mart, FUCK YEAH!
Baseball, FUCK YEAH!
Rock and roll, FUCK YEAH!
The Internet, FUCK YEAH!
Slavery, FUCK YEAH!
Starbucks, FUCK YEAH!
Disney world, FUCK YEAH!
Valium, FUCK YEAH!
Reeboks, FUCK YEAH!
Fake Tits, FUCK YEAH!
Taco Bell, FUCK YEAH!
Rodeos, FUCK YEAH!
Bed bath and beyond (Fuck yeah, Fuck yeah)
Liberty, FUCK YEAH!
White Slips, FUCK YEAH!
The Alamo, FUCK YEAH!
Band-aids, FUCK YEAH!
Las Vegas, FUCK YEAH!
Christmas, FUCK YEAH!
Immigrants, FUCK YEAH!
Columbine, FUCK YEAH!
Democrats, FUCK YEAH!
Republicans (republicans)
(fuck yeah, fuck yeah)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Breakfast Of Champions

Red eyed, dripping with sweat, and stinking of beer from the night before, I plopped down on the train next to an old man reading from the bible and pulled out an old Rolling Stone tribute to the late great doctor of journalism, which I've been slowly picking through for months, and began to read.

The magazine sent me an assistant, a tall, jittery young man named Tobias, who picked me up from the airport. "Welcome to New York," he said. "I have a present for you." He handed me a large gift wrapped box containing a hideous blow-up doll named Teri, according to the information on the box - which also said she had a "real-life vibrating vagina" and a luscious-lipped deep open mouth." There were other special features and a stern warning not to exceed her maximum 275' pound weight limit: or she might explode and disappear.

"You should see her tits," Tobias said. "They're bigger than Ginger Baker's head." He grinned idiotically and made a spastic jack-off motion, then loaded Teri onto the cart with all my other luggage. She was going to be part of our lives now. I knew she would be with us for a while, for good or ill. "Our car is right in front," said Tobias. "I'll have it brought up. The hotel is not far, and I am a very skilled driver. I like to drive fast."

Everything he said turned out to be a lie, but I was not surprised. I sensed there was something deeply wrong with him. He had no idea where the car was, and I sat on the curb for an hour and a half while he searched for the Lincoln, roaming alone through the bowels of the huge parking garage.

I sensed a nervousness from the man next to me as I read and giggled and noticed he was peaking over my shoulder. He eventually asked to be let out as his stop would be coming up soon. I suppose I felt a little bad as he seemed like a nice enough fellow. Just as he felt that what he was reading was what he needed to get his day started in the right direction; I too felt that what I was reading was what I needed to get my day started in the right direction.

Doom, $in, and myself put down a serious number of beers with the Around The Coyote folks last night. We told them we were professional drinkers. He he! We discussed Manchester, Dallas, Wicker Park, Double Door, Banana Republic, Joy Division, New Order, Cinderella, KISS, Three Dollar Bill, lavender tuxedos, free booze, The Worm, The Cubs, soccer/football, and much much more. This weekend we go to prom.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

This sounds like a whole hell of a lot of fun!

Monday, June 06, 2005


I was so sleepy when I came in this morning that I could not remember my employee identification number to log in. You know, the one I've been using for years. I just stared at my computer screen. What the hell! It finally came back to me, but boy did I feel like an ass. Yes, I'm a #.

I like my new air conditioner. I woke up actually a little chilly this morning with a pussy on each side of me. I like when they both sleep with me. I usually just wake up with one or the other. Maybe they both sleep with me every night but I usually just wake up with one of them.

There is a sore spot on the top of my head from doing a somersault on the pavement on Saturday because I was asked to.

Saw this over the weekend. Loved it. I just read Tankboy's review and couldn't agree more. New Years Eve 2001. Metro. The Lips came out and encored with When You Smile and I could not hold back tears. It was absolutely beautiful and just really got to me. That was probably my 6th or 7th Flaming Lips show and the first time one of their shows brought tears to my eyes.

Rhonda says I run really fast and maybe that is my calling in life. Suddenly Forest Gump comes to mind. I am not Forest Gump.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

My Name is Slurron. Hear me Roar!!!

Whooee!! I got D-RUNK yesterday. Started at 12:30 in the afternoon and went until 2:00 in the morning. I was so proud of myself for hanging onto my Mayfest mug all day but wound up leaving it at The Mutiny. Damnit! I even had them fill it halfway up at the bar, but I guess after doing a shot with Dave from Textbook, throwing up, and then doing another shot, I forgot it. Oh well. It was fun day. Flynn Flam posted some pictures.

It's very hot in my apartment. I put the air conditioner in the window about an hour ago. It will take a while to cool the place off.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Happy Cubs Fan

They obviously won or I wouldn't be typing about them. Since they were playing in San Diego I was able to catch a good chunk of the game after rehearsal last night. Rusch pitched a complete game 6-0 shutout and Derrick Lee is on fire! But, I'm not going to gush anymore here. I'm just happy they're finally rolling.

This weekend is Mayfest. Last year I bought a big beer mug for the purpose of bringing it back to each festival for refilling. I lost it that night. I think it ended up over at Billiam's and is now probably enjoying a happy life down in Dallas. I also remember being trapped in the middle of a dance floor(dance parking lot). I was all fired up about the German polka band, then decided I needed more beer, turned around to head to the beer tent and realised I was surrounded by a bunch of old German couples dancing. They were all in good form and concentration and it seemed every way I tried to go I ran into one of them. There was a moment of panic and confusion before eventually finding my way out with the help of some annoyed dancers very much wanting me out of their way. Phew! That was a close one. For a moment I thought for certain it would be my death. Pure madness! We'll see what will happen on this next adventure.

One last thing. We here at utchmynitz may not have much to offer from the world of the wealthy, but if you ask for a somersault, one will be presented to you on the spot(there's that cheeseburger showing his face again). Yes, pop the question and your wish shall be granted. And that my friends is rich. Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tell Me About The Rabbits George

From today's quote calendar:

"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple, learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen."

-John Steinbeck-

As The Delgados play from my speakers I think to myself, I am glad I got to see them one and a half times before they called it quits.

I tried to stay awake to catch Death From Above 1979 on Conan last night but could not keep my eyes open. I did catch Beck on Leno though which was purty darn good.

I'm probably going to regret typing this. Last week I blogged about Jeff Gordon choking doing the 7th inning stretch. My friend was at that game and also blogged about it. He talked about The Cubs 8th inning rally to win the game and then went on to say with some strong sarcasm that things were on track now and he could sense that... well, why don't I just quote him: "This was the first win I've seen this year, in four tries, so it's about friggin time. I think things are really getting back on track and we're seeing the beginnings of a serious streak. No, I'm not kidding, this is the turning point in the season! Why are you laughing? Wait, don't walk away ..." I laughed as I read this feeling the same way. Well, I'll be damned, but I don't think those Mother Chickens have lost a game since. Ok, with that said, if they lose today then I will know I jinxed them and will not type about them for the rest of the season.

My clothes are clean. Hey, that's something.

I probably have more to babble about, but I'm going to do some work now, I mean some serious work now. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Last night we were getting ready to do some demo recording/pre-production of what will be the next album. I start plugging in all my pedals and notice the light is not working on my delay pedal, a key element in most of the songs. The pedal had seemed like it was on the outs for a while now. It had been doing things like not turning on or off when I stepped on it and I was having to really slam on it sometimes and doing more tap dancing then neccessary. So I see the light will not turn on and think shit, it finally kicked it. Bad timing. Now I'm going to have to shell out another $100 or so bucks for a new one. Not wanting to do that I decided to take the whole thing apart. I open it up and stare at all the guts for a while thinking, damn, I wish I would have paid more attention in electricity class. I poked around and checked all kinds of things out and whiggled things and tightened things and Goddamnit, I fixed the fucker! It works like a brand new pedal again! Someone once told me it was not worth fixing effects pedals when they stopped working because it's such a pain in the ass and pretty much impossible. Just buy a new one. Hoggwash. Most things can be fixed if you are willing to take the time, or if you do not want to spend money. It's the little things that make me happy sometimes I tell you. Thank you.