Monday, June 27, 2005

Wax the Mucks

Cocks the Walks. Suck the Fox. Poops the Shoot. I missed the Gay Pride Parade yesterday. It was the first time missing it in like 7 years. I had every intention of going but was offered a ticket to the Cubs - White Sox game with Prior on the mound and there was no way I was going to pass that up. It was well worth it. Prior pitched a 6 inning 1 hit shut out. The bullpen took care of the rest. I'm so glad he is back. The Cubs only scored 2 runs but that was all they needed. It was a great day. That was the first time I'd been to the new Comiskey. It's a really nice park and the team is really good. It's too bad they can't fill it up except, of course, when The Cubs are there. And boy are the fans bitter. They really really really hate the Cubs. Instead of supporting their team by wearing Sox shirts, you'll see a bunch of "CUBS SUCK!" shirts or "CUCK THE FUBS!" shirts. It's really something and this negativity is very much encouraged. I don't know why they are so angry. Well, it was a fun day and I'm glad The Cubs came away with a victory. Some pictures to come soon.

*****Something to add here in the afternoon. Let's see. We'll make this blue for The Fubs, I mean Cubs. Oop, that was a close one. Ok, I talked to my friend Steve today who was also at the game. I knew he was yesterday but had not talked to him to let him know I would be there as well. Apparently they were pretty close to us too. We were in section 533 behind home plate and they were in section 540 looking down at 3rd base. Oh well, So Steve tells me that these bitter bastards were taking Cubs fans hats off and throwing them over the balcony. Not the fans, but their hats. You poor bitter bastards.*****


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