Thursday, June 23, 2005


Cowpie treads on my head every night when I go to sleep and purrs very loudly. He always jumps in the tub after I shower and licks it and the wall. Every morning after my shower when I go in my room to get dressed Seven comes running in and jumps on the bed and sits right next to my leg while I put my socks on. He gets mad if I pet him at that moment though. He just wants to be close to me. Cats. What else? Cowpie plays fetch with bottle caps. I eat on the couch in front of the tv with Seven behind my head and one paw on my shoulder. Cowpie sometimes sings Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. He is unaware of it though. Sometimes Seven sounds like a monkey. They both like to be picked up but not for very long. They both like table scraps but only Seven begs. Cowpie is trained. He was really bad as a kitten though. They get really fired up when I play loud music and even more fired up when I'm singing and playing guitar. They sprint all over the apartment. They don't mind if I join them in the running either. Cowpie has not destroyed anything since Seven moved in, but most of the posters I have up and a couple of stereo speakers prove what he is capable of. Seven is ruining part of my couch. Neither one of them like the vacuum cleaner. Cowpie likes the broom. They are both killers. They show me what they are capable of with their toys. They keep me company. They are probably sleeping right now. What do your cats do?


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