Monday, June 20, 2005

Metallic Black Metallic

The Atlantic Divide put me in the mood to listen to Catherine Wheel. Been listening to them this morning. Good stuff. The show on Friday was a lot of fun. Everyone at Silvie's was very nice and we were treated very well. Definitely would play there again.

Saturday I went to The Fire game with $in and a couple of others. It ended in a tie. It was great day to be outside though and I wanted to stay at Soldier Field all day. But we could not do that so instead we went to Beachwood. Apparently my night last Sunday was not as bad as I thought. Still, blacking out is bad anyway and I don't like it. Doesn't happen often. We hung out there for a while. I wanted to go see my friend's Sybris play at Metro but thought it was probably out of my budget. After sitting at Beachwood for hours though thinking if I stayed there all night again there was bound to be a repeat of last weekend; I decided to hop in a cab with Trecia and go to Schuba's to see The Paybacks. That was a fun show. I felt bad about missing Sybris but ended up at an after hours with all of them later on. Felt like old times. I brought a pair of pliers. I was glad I did. They came in handy.

I miss my dad. He lives in Arizona now and I have not seen him in almost a year. Of course I talked to him yesterday but he was really out of it. He just had surgery and had just got back from the hospital on Saturday. Years ago he was hit in the head with a steel door at work and has had all kinds of neck, back, and nerve problems. He talked to me as long as he could before apologizing and told me he would call in week when it would be easier for him to talk.

In other news, recieved an e-mail this morning from an old old friend who has been on a waitng list for a kidney transplant for 4 years and got the call at 2:00 this morning. He goes to the hospital today to prepare for major surgery. I was very happy to get this news.

The Cubs were swept by The Yankees this weekend. I was not happy about that news.

The P R Pride Parade was this weekend. I usually dread that weekend where I live, but it seemed much quieter this year. Not sure. Guess the neighborhood is changing.

And finally, I talked to someone Saturday who met Hunter Thompson once and Hunter said 2 words to him. Those words: "Fuck You." It was a pretty funny story.


Blogger BillyBlogBob said...

We did not have a PR day here in Texas. I really missed that!

8:50 AM  
Blogger utchmynitz said...

I bet you do!

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Bill V said...

Black Metallic just might be my favorite song ever! It's definetly on the list.

9:33 AM  
Blogger utchmynitz said...

I would say it is on mine as well. Damn, now I'm going to have to listen to it again.

11:24 AM  

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