Thursday, June 16, 2005

"Nice Work!"

Yesterday, as I passed a mother pulling away from her parking spot, while walking down Damen Ave. around 5:30, a kid in the back seat held his hand out with a baseball in it and said to me, "hey, do you see this? I caught The Cubs foul ball!" He was super pumped. I smiled at him and said "nice work!!" I remembered the days when I would bring my glove to the park in hopes of catching a foul ball. Never did. Closest I ever did was probably 5 years ago. I was at a game with my sister. They were playing Houston. We were in the 12th row behind home plate. Great seats! She had a friend who hooked us up. My seat was the first one in the row. A foul ball popped up and back and slammed into the roof above us and came crashing down even faster and just missed taking half my face off and made me spill half my beer before boucing away and into someone elses hands. Scared the crap out of me! Cubs lost that game in 12 innings.

One of coworkers won a trip to anywhere in the world that American Airlines flies to from WNUA. Apparently he put his name into the drawing 2 years ago and yesterday they drew his name and called him here. "Nice work!" He said they were playing a sample of the phone conversation all day on the station yesterday. He was laughing at how deep his voice sounded.

The new Will Farrell move Stranger Than Fiction is being filmed a block away from where I work. Walked past yesterday at lunch. No shooting was happening yet.


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