Friday, June 10, 2005

10 Minutes Until I Can Leave

Instead of working though I'm going to type for 10 minutes. Hee hee.

Ok, this was really funny, but let's see if I make it funny to read. Last Friday I was driving down Damen Ave. with $in in the car. We were at the light and basically sitting right in front of Double Door and the L station. I was talking and $in pointed at an attractive girl on a bicycle going by. I turned and looked out the window and said "oh yeah" without even thinking. My window was wide open and as I said it she was right next to me and looking at me. She gave me that "you creep" look. I could do nothing else but start laughing really hard. I was a bit embarrassed. It's especially funny because I never do anything like that. Those that know me know that I'm not that creepy guy. This reminded me of another situation years ago. Tony, $in and myself were in Tony's van going through the drive thru at Popeyes. Around that time we were all calling each other bitch a lot. We get up to the window and Tony gives the woman money and in return she hands him a bag of food. Tony hands it back to $in so he can grab the drinks. $in says "thanks bitch" and as Tony starts to drive away $in waves to the drive thru girl completey oblivious to what just happened as she looks on in horror, as she must think it was directed towards her. It was quite funny. Ok, time to go.


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