Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shelob's Lair

For at least 2 weeks now, just outside and to the left of my front door when stepping outside, there has been a giant and quite impressive spider's web occupied by a mighty large spider I've named Shelob. The web is a complete circle and could probably wrap around half of my body. It's connected between the neighbors fence and the frame of my front door. I've had no intention, nor the heart to destroy it.
1. Because it's so impressive and must have taken some work to make.
2. Because Shelob has done me no harm.
3. Fear of what she would do to me if I did destroy it.

I came home from work yesterday and someone had ripped down a note I left for my mail delivery person from the front door, but Shelob's web was still there and had survived all rain. This morning, as I left for work I looked to my left as soon as I walked out the door, and Shelob's web was gone. Sorry Shelob. Hopefully you found a new lair to devour insects, orcs, dwarfs, hobbits, and men. Know that I was trying to protect you, so don't come back and eat me.

Monday, August 21, 2006


"Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit."

Edward R. Murrow

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hello Blog; It's Me

It's been a while and no I have not forgotten about you; I've just been, well, ya know. And I don't have much to say except that Mike from that bar on Damen Ave. in Wicker Park that people like to go to makes a strong drink and my head is still spinning and I woke up late and walked home without sunglasses and I ate cottage cheese and I didn't shower and I fell asleep on the train and almost missed me stop and I bought a breakfast sandwich but before that I bought a strawberries and cream Frappucino and I've mentioned my head is spinning but it also hurts and I've had another cup of coffee and it hasn't helped and I think The W is still sleeping and my brain hurts and I like beer but I don't want one and I'll probably have more coffee so I can be wide awake and drunk and Cowpie and Seven are my pussies and I smoked a lot and I'm stuffed up in my right nose and sometimes I don't like things and today is Bukowski's birthday and so I should stay drunk and Elvis died on this day on the toilet and I remember being in the car in the back seat with my sister and my Mom was driving and we were shopping for my Dad's birthday, which is tomorrow, and the news came on the radio and my Mom had to pull over to cry for a long time and sis and I were scared and oh yeah, you should go to this on Friday:

This Friday August 18 come out to
The Note, 1565 N. Milwaukee Ave.
MpShows and Tankboy present...

Milk at Midnight
with The Assembly, Farewell Captain
and Trapper Keeper
Show is at 9pm, $7, 21+
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