Monday, May 30, 2005

You'll Have Time

Live life
Live life like you're gonna die
Because you're gonna
I hate to be the bearer of bad news
But you're gonna die

Maybe not today or even next year
But before you know it you'll be saying
"Is this all there was?
What was all the fuss?
Why did I bother?"

Now, maybe you won't suffer maybe it's quick
But you'll have time to think
Why did I waste it?
Why didn't I taste it?
You'll have time
Because you're gonna die.

Yes it's gonna happen because it's happened to a lot of people I know
My mother, my father, my loves
The president, the kings and the pope
They all had hope

And they muttered just before they went
Maybe, I won't let go
Live life like you're gonna die
Because you are

Maybe you won't suffer maybe it's quick
But you'll have time to think
Why did I waste it?
Why didn't I taste it?
You'll have time
'Cause you're gonna die

I tell you who else left us
Passed on down to heaven no longer with us
Johnny Cash, JFK, that guy in the Stones
Lou Gehrig, Einstein, and Joey Ramone
Have I convinced you?
Do you read my lips?
This may come as news but it's time
You're gonna die
You're gonna die

By the time you hear this I may well be dead
And you my friend might be next
'Cause we're all gonna die

Yeah, oh maybe you won't suffer and maybe it's quick
But you'll have time to think
Why did I waste it?
Why didn't I taste it?
You'll have time
You'll have time cause you're gonna die
Yes, you're gonna die
You're gonna die, I tell you
You're gonna die
You are gonna die

'Cause maybe you won't suffer maybe it's quick
But you have time to think
Why did I waste it?
Why didn't I taste it?
You'll have time 'cause you're gonna die

Live Life
Life life like you're gonna die
Because you're going to
Oh yes
I hate to be the beater of bad news
But you're gonna die

Maybe not today or even next year
But before you know it you'll be saying
"Is this all there was?
What was all the fuss?
Why did I bother?
Why did I waste it?
Why didn't I taste it?"
You'll have time, baby
You'll have time
'Cause you're gonna die
You are gonna die
Oh yeah

-William Shatner/Ben Folds-

Friday, May 27, 2005


My conversation with Thax after our Sub-T show feels less special now, but I understand why he felt he had to do this. I guess I don't have to feel like I'm keeping some secret anymore. This of course is someone else's experience and opinion and does not affect how I feel about any of these artists, but I do find it interesting.

Someone stop me!


by Wesley Willis

You can really get in the groove.
Right on brother.
Slurron the Intoxicator really whoops a donkey's ass.
You are my special drunk.


You are the drunk king.
Slurron the Intoxicator is the best.
Right on brother.
You can really rock your ass off.


Right on brother.
You really whoop Saddam Hussein's ass.
You are the best in the long run.
You are a drunk star.

Rock over London,
Rock on Chicago.

Folgers - it's good to the last drop.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Through the Wesley Generator

cowpie the cat

by Wesley Willis

You are the the best pussy king.
Cowpie the Cat really whoops a donkey's ass.
I like you a lot in the long run.
Cowpie the Cat is the best.


You really whoop a llama's ass.
You can really get in the groove.
You can really rock it out.
I like Cowpie the Cat a lot.


You really whoop a llama's ass.
You really whoop a snow lepoard's ass.
You really whoop a snow lepoard's ass.
I love you a lot in the long run.

Rock over London,
Rock on Chicago.

The heartbeat of America - that's today's Chevrolet.

Rock and Roll McDonalds

McDonalds is the place to rock
It is a restaurant where they buy food to eat
It is a good place to listen to the music
People flock here to get down to the rock music

Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds

McDonalds will make you fat
They serve Big Macs
They serve Quarter-Pounders
They will put pounds on you

Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds

McDonalds hamburgers are the worst
They are worse than Burger King
A Big Mac has 26 grams of fat
A Quarter-Pounder has 28 grams of fat

Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds
Rock and Roll McDonalds

-Wesley Willis-

Ok, I know I'm a day late and a dollar short on this but oh well. I finally watched Super Size Me. I have so many movies in my Netflix queue and I'm constantly rearranging it. Super Size Me has been one of those movies that has been floating around towards the top for a long time and eventually made it to the top 3, then eventually in my mailbox, then sat on my dvd player for 2 more weeks, and finally was watched Sunday night.

I'm probably not going to say much here that hasn't already been said, but oh well again. Super Size Me made me laugh. It did not make me want to eat McDonalds any less because the truth is, I don't eat it all that often anyway. Extensive touring and having to eat that stuff everyday, and common sense have told me that eating that food everyday is not good. Just being on the road for a week I can remember how bad I would feel after eating like that everyday, then you combine the beer, and lack of sleep and you can imagine. I can think of times when Pete and I wanted to kill Eric when there was a choice between a diner or a Chinese Restaurant and he still wanted to eat McDonalds out of fear of there being nothing on the menu he would like. I'm getting off track here though. Basically I have no sympathy for those people that sue McDonalds because they eat McDonalds 2 or 3 times a day everyday and suddenly realise they are fat. If you didn't know that was going to happen you are stupid. If you fried burgers and potatoes at home everyday you would also get fat. So, like I said, this movie did not turn me off of McDonalds. If I feel like getting a Big Mac every once in a while then I still will.

Searching for the lyrics for Rock and Roll McDonalds I stumbled across this. There is a blurry picture of yours truly and a little blurp about the band. The kid writing got the band name wrong and obviously was not a fan, but I was humored when I read it. That is how that whole tour went. Either the audience really loved us or really, really hated us and booed and chanted "Wesley!" There was no in between. I like it that way. For those situations we had a lot of fun rattling those Wesley freaks little heads and found ourselves getting noisier and noisier.

But that is in the past. In the present is Milk At Midnight and I am very happy at how things are going and want more and more and more! Listening to the WXRT capsule last night and hearing us being talked about was strange and exciting. My brain is ticking right now. I'm doing a lot of thinking about how I want to, and will, change my living and working situation so I can take this band all over the country. I want that more than anything right now. More to come on that I guess.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

SomeTHING to add to THINGS

This can be part of Wednesday THINGS I guess. Jeff Gordon choking trying to sing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley last night was hilarious and painful. There was a lot of booing going on in the park but seeing it on tv was priceless. It was like the kid bending down to pick up the ball but his foot keeps kicking it just before he is able to pick it up. He was laughing and kept trying to find his spot again and eventually just threw his arms in the air and gave up. Everyone in the park was singing at different times. I was laughing. Doom was at the game. I really find it funny when people choke doing the 7th inning stretch because it seems like such an easy song to sing. Then again I've been watching Cubs games since I can remember. Who knows, if I get ever get the opportunity to sing it maybe I'll end up eating my words.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I kicked a rock found outside of my doorstep as I walked 2 blocks and halfway to the liquor store before it disappeared under a fence never to be seen by me again. I wonder what kind of adventures that rock had been on before it's journey with me tonight and where it will go next.

It is 10:47.

House Passed Stem Cell Bill.

I'm going to Lollapalooza.

There are window potatoes next to me shaped like cats.

Walking out of my apartment a little while ago I thought of the irony in the sign on my door. The building I live in has been for sale for months. My apartment is always the first one looked at when the building is being shown. The sign on my door is a Fugazi quote that reads "YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU OWN!" It has been there long before the building was up for sale. No offers yet I guess. I don't believe my sign has anyTHING to do with that.

I recieved an e-mail from on Sunday. I put my name on their site years ago. The e-mail was from a person I have not seen or spoken to in 10 years. We were really good friends at one time and dated for a very short time. She introduced me to my very first serious bandmates. We e-mailed a bunch yesterday. I enjoyed it. She now lives in Charlotte, NC.

Listening to Arcade Fire right now. I was listening to them so much this past winter that I had to ground myself for a little while. I'm enjoying them right now. They are playing Lollapalooza.

It was nice to see Flynn Flam and Rhonda this weekend. I think he was grounded from hanging out with me for while.

Milk At Midnight shared XRT's Local anesthetic with just The Pumpkins Sunday.

I like beer. I stayed up way too late on Sunday drinking it and was a huge spacecase bumbling fool in my 8:30 AM meeting/breakfast Monday.

Having a title called THINGS gives you freedom to type any and all kinds of THINGS forever.

Are you still reading?

Can someone burn me the first Mazzy Star record? I've been wanting to hear it lately and don't own it anymore.

Fell asleep on the couch after dinner Monday night and woke up at 9:30 and decided even if I raced out of my apartment at that moment to try and catch some of my friend's band Sybris' set at the Bottle, by the time I found parking I would have missed the whole thing and decided it was not worth it. I was pissed. They were playing with Pinebender, who I also like a lot, but was mainly going to go out to see Sybris. Such is life I guess.

Looked at my sophomore High School year book and got a good chuckle reading the comments. I think this was inspired by some THING mentioned earlier. High School was not the best time in my life, but it certainly was not the worst. Or maybe I'm just so separated from it now that it doesn't seem so bad. Don't know?

Almost finished with reading Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson. I know a lot more about the Hell's Angels then when I started. "A strange and terrible saga." I don't think they were too happy with what he wrote about them. Actually,I know they weren't.

It is 11:17.

A black man just walked down the middle of my street pulling an orange shopping cart with wooden pallets stacked 8 high.

Do you like THINGS?

I'm going to buy cigarettes now. It is 12:00.

Cursive says "Stay alive!!!"

Drunk Dial

Apparently I drunk dialed lots of people between the hours of 4:00 and 5:00 on Saturday/Sunday morning. Hehehehehehe!!! Well, hopefully some of those people saved my messages because I sure don't remember what I said. Some folks did answer the phone though. I remember that. Hep Hep!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Poor Cowpie

Having 2 pussies around the home makes for more messes to clean up. They love to sprint so there is always dust. Cowpie's cousin Seven is also very messy in the litter box. It's always all over the place, so I have to sweep before getting into the shower every morning. This morning of course was no different. I made the mistake of turning on the water for my shower though before deciding to sweep up the litter all over the floor. Cowpie gets really fired up every time the tub water comes on and I knew he would come sprinting any second now and thought I better shut the door while I sweep. He always attacks the broom. So as I am shutting the door and thinking he is not close yet, he comes on full speed slamming into the door that is halfway closed and still moving. BAM!! He ricochets off the door and in one jump is on top of the toilet seat wondering what the hell had happened. Too quick for him to put on the brakes. It was very funny. Poor guy. He was fine though. He also got back at me by walking in the tub after my shower leaving little litter footprints all over the tub.

I am at work right now. Only for a couple more hours and then the fun begins.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Police are Coming!!

I tried to find the clip online yesterday to link it but had no luck. In the Sun-Times there was a little blurp about Ron Wood. He was talking about when the Rolling Stones were on tour and in Chicago 20 years ago. They were all doing a bunch of drugs and someone yelled "the police are coming!" They were like, holy shit, and flushed all the drugs down the toilet. In walks in Stuart Copeland, Sting, and Andy Summers. I laughed out loud when I read that!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sweet Alice

Well, I would have really liked to have gone out last night for the last Ten56 Tuesday, as the bar will now be closing. I would have liked to have hung out at the place that was once Sweet Alice and was once my favorite watering hole, knowing that space may never be used for something that cool again, for one more night. Sweet Alice was my original hang out when I first moved to Chicago some 10 or so years ago. Ten56 was no Sweet Alice but on Tuesdays managed to at least keep that same spirit alive. Yes, I would have really liked to have, but the knot that seemed to be tied in my stomach, and still feels that way now, and the winless struggle to keep my eyes open in front of the tv until at least 10:00 kept me at home last night. I hope it was fun.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Ok, I'm finally going to mail that movie back. I've had it for 2 weeks now I think and have watched it 3 times. When Rosa was here last weekend we watched it not really knowing anything about The Dandy Warhols or The Brian Jonestown Massacre and wound up being fascinated by them by the end of the movie. Anyone that plays or has played in a band should watch this movie. (As I type, James snores. I just suggested he do a jumping jack or stand up and do a somersault across the report table. James is a very large man. I would very much enjoy watching him roll across the table. The look on The Cough's face would be priceless!) Ok, back to the mover. During the little bit I was at home this weekend and my eyes were open I watched the movie again with the BJM commentary on and it was hilarious and provided much more insite.(Rob just came by reciting Steve Miller lyrics to me. Folks like to come by my desk with song lyrics. I don't mind this.) Well, I decided I wanted to watch some of it again with The Dandy Warhols commentary so I hung on to it for another couple of days. I didn't think I would watch the whole movie again because I didn't think the Dandy Warhols would be as funny, and although that was true, it was still pretty darn funny and provided even more insite. So, between an after work party yesterday and going to The Bottle last night, I watched the whole frigging thing again. Today I mail it back.

What else? We had a cd release show on Friday, but I'm not going to type about it. If you weren't there then you missed out. Where were you man? Every one else was there. I'm just playing around. Seriously though, it was a great night. I'm very happy with the way it went. I also thank Thax for having a sit down with me at the end of the night and sharing what he did with me. Super cool!

What else? The Cubs keep finding new ways to lose. Right on. You guys are awesome!

What else? I now have red hair.

What else? My coffee cup is empty.

What else? Oh yeah, thank you!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Headus Thrombosis


Make it stop. I left the Vicodin at home. Here's the word of the day. I'm working on a pair of these for me self:

dundrearies \dun-DREER-eez\ noun plural,
often capitalized :

long flowing sideburns

Example sentence:
In order to play the title character in a dramatization of Martin Chuzzlewit, Philip donned false dundrearies that made him look a lot older.

Did you know?
In the United States, Our American Cousin by Tom Taylor is often best remembered as the play Abraham Lincoln was watching at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C., when he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Word lovers may also recall that the show gave us "dundrearies," a name for the long, bushy sideburns (called "Piccadilly weepers" in England). The term for that particular men's hair fashion, which was popular between 1840 and 1870, comes from the name of Lord Dundreary, a character in the play who sported those elegant whiskers. The name can also be used in the attributive form "dundreary whiskers."

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


By Thax Douglas

the home

cooking smells of souls

trapped by our

technology into that

heavenly suite

of sweets sifted from the

garbage of human

lives left behind – once

enough souls have

been released by the

slow time – cooking

of humans roasted by

drama, the heaven

is released to join the

other balloons – with

so much space between

planets; There’s

always room for another




Friday, May 13, 2005

I Hereby Announce

The following statement to be used in response to any question or request asked of you today:


As for the weekend I say:


Thank you.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Nice Press

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


It was great to have Monday off just as it was great to have last Wednesday off, but the repercussions are paying off well. Lots and lots of work to catch up on. So, not many words from me right now. Over the weekend I found the first Folk Implossion and the first Sebadoh for $7 a piece. 2 fantastic scores and 2 very much missing cds in my collection. Here are some words from Mr. Barlow from Freed Weed:

Rest now Mr. Genius Eyes, your work has all been done
Speak in special riddles, standing pointing at the sun behind you
There is no way around you(I wish I never found you)
A bitter gifted girl, look at what she's done
Making fun of boys on the other side of the sun
I'm here to be used
Try to be confused with someone
It's no one; the special boy is only no one
I should be free to be what I am
As you should have what you need
But if you see what you need in me
Then you can't have what you need
It's not fair to expect that from me'
Cuz that's not what I am
You think I reject you, but I never wanted to hurt you
Now you want to hurt me 'cuz I won't set you free
That's what you see, but that's not what I am
I’m a genius (X6)

Also, on Friday is this:
Rock Star Club
Milk At Midnight
Miranda Sound
The Cells
celebrating the release of
milk at midnight's new ep
and it's the
chicago cd release party!

$in promises to break dance, Doom says he will take his pants off, and me....well, I'll just be passing through.

Friday, May 06, 2005

What Is My Charisma

I put on Dynasty by KISS the other night while washing dishes and it had me laughing and dancing. At practice last night I was telling $in, who at one time was a KISS superfan, how much I enjoyed it. He said he had been in the mood to listen to that record lately. I listened to the first side when I got home again last night and it made me laugh again. I'm listening to KISS right now at work and it is really making my morning. Yes folks, this is how my brain works; one day New Order and the next day KISS!! Hey, we're "back in the New York Groove."

Also, I have to admit this made me laugh.,1,1700584.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Up, Down, Turn Around. Please Don't Let Me Hit the Ground

I'm sooooooo glad I spent a chunk of money to see New Order on Tuesday. It was worth every bit. The day I bought the tickets I was walking back to my car trying to justify spending so much and when I got in the car and took off Love Vigilantes came on the radio and I knew it was a good idea. They opened the show with Love Vigilantes. It was awesome! Most of the set was a rock set which included 3 maybe 4 Joy Division songs. Bernard Sumner, who doesn't sound at all like Ian Curtis, had a good growl going on and really pulled it off. Peter Hook was a mad man. There were dance songs too but mostly it was a guitar driven rock set. The crowd was really great too. A very non-pretentious audience. At one point we moved up a little and this girl said "I'll let you guys in front of us only if you join our dance party." "Why, of course!" Lot's of dancing and smiling and singing. They played around an hour and a half. It could have gone all night in my opinion, but no complaints.

I should mention this since I could not stop talking about it all night. The vision was locked in my memory all night. When I used the bathroom and went to wash my hands I watched as some guy walked up to one of the urinals and completely ate shit. You had to step up to it and I guess he missed or his foot slipped and he went face first towards it. His hands landing in the piss filled urinal and his head hit the front of it. Fucking nasty. My little enhancer was really starting to run it's course and at first I was like, did that really just happen? Someone else said "man, that sucks." Time to get the hell out of here.

Flygirl and I lost each other once during the show. It was pretty funny. I turned around and saw her 3 rows back with 2 beers in her hand just go walking by. I yelled for her but it was too loud. People around me yelled too but she just kept on going. I knew she'd find me eventually and about a song later she did.

I'm walking with a limp today. I hurt myself somehow on Tuesday but I don't really know how. Although, I suspect it was drunken gymnastics which I somehow keep doing.

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Paragraph

Fun weekend. Hung with $in after work on Friday. Saturday was another photo session; a much better one. Great practice. Then it was off to Joe's on Weed Street to see who would be the next Loop Rock Girl. A friend of ours was in the contest. She got in the top 8 but did not win. The whole thing was hilarious and ridic. I loved it. Mongo of the 85 Bears was one of the judges. Doom and I yelled "Hey Mongo!!", and he said, "Hey, alright!" After that it was off to see Tangleweed play a set at The Charleston, and then on to close the night out at a party where lots of Makers Mark was consumed. Yesterday Super Becky came over and cut off lots of my hairs. I feel kind of naked now. I like it. She brought over a hilarious documentary called Word Wars about these hardcore Scrabble players which followed them through a tournament. I laughed quite a bit and continued to drink wine. I wanted to play Scrabble afterwards, but did not. We ate pizza and watched Family Guy and American Dad and laughed a whole lot more and then went to Beachwood for one. Got home in time to catch the Hitchcock hour, passed out on the couch and woke up at 4:00 with a stiff neck. Today is another Monday. 4 day work week for me. Tomorrow night is New Order. I took off Wednesday. I plan to dance the night away. I have a guest coming this weekend. We're going to go on adventures. Maybe even tape money to donkeys. I saw the Doom mentioned this so I will too. Go here to watch a video if you would like. It's the first one. We're going to do another soon. I still have two pussies living with me. Thank me.