Saturday, May 21, 2005

Poor Cowpie

Having 2 pussies around the home makes for more messes to clean up. They love to sprint so there is always dust. Cowpie's cousin Seven is also very messy in the litter box. It's always all over the place, so I have to sweep before getting into the shower every morning. This morning of course was no different. I made the mistake of turning on the water for my shower though before deciding to sweep up the litter all over the floor. Cowpie gets really fired up every time the tub water comes on and I knew he would come sprinting any second now and thought I better shut the door while I sweep. He always attacks the broom. So as I am shutting the door and thinking he is not close yet, he comes on full speed slamming into the door that is halfway closed and still moving. BAM!! He ricochets off the door and in one jump is on top of the toilet seat wondering what the hell had happened. Too quick for him to put on the brakes. It was very funny. Poor guy. He was fine though. He also got back at me by walking in the tub after my shower leaving little litter footprints all over the tub.

I am at work right now. Only for a couple more hours and then the fun begins.


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