Wednesday, May 11, 2005


It was great to have Monday off just as it was great to have last Wednesday off, but the repercussions are paying off well. Lots and lots of work to catch up on. So, not many words from me right now. Over the weekend I found the first Folk Implossion and the first Sebadoh for $7 a piece. 2 fantastic scores and 2 very much missing cds in my collection. Here are some words from Mr. Barlow from Freed Weed:

Rest now Mr. Genius Eyes, your work has all been done
Speak in special riddles, standing pointing at the sun behind you
There is no way around you(I wish I never found you)
A bitter gifted girl, look at what she's done
Making fun of boys on the other side of the sun
I'm here to be used
Try to be confused with someone
It's no one; the special boy is only no one
I should be free to be what I am
As you should have what you need
But if you see what you need in me
Then you can't have what you need
It's not fair to expect that from me'
Cuz that's not what I am
You think I reject you, but I never wanted to hurt you
Now you want to hurt me 'cuz I won't set you free
That's what you see, but that's not what I am
I’m a genius (X6)

Also, on Friday is this:
Rock Star Club
Milk At Midnight
Miranda Sound
The Cells
celebrating the release of
milk at midnight's new ep
and it's the
chicago cd release party!

$in promises to break dance, Doom says he will take his pants off, and me....well, I'll just be passing through.


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