Monday, May 02, 2005

The Paragraph

Fun weekend. Hung with $in after work on Friday. Saturday was another photo session; a much better one. Great practice. Then it was off to Joe's on Weed Street to see who would be the next Loop Rock Girl. A friend of ours was in the contest. She got in the top 8 but did not win. The whole thing was hilarious and ridic. I loved it. Mongo of the 85 Bears was one of the judges. Doom and I yelled "Hey Mongo!!", and he said, "Hey, alright!" After that it was off to see Tangleweed play a set at The Charleston, and then on to close the night out at a party where lots of Makers Mark was consumed. Yesterday Super Becky came over and cut off lots of my hairs. I feel kind of naked now. I like it. She brought over a hilarious documentary called Word Wars about these hardcore Scrabble players which followed them through a tournament. I laughed quite a bit and continued to drink wine. I wanted to play Scrabble afterwards, but did not. We ate pizza and watched Family Guy and American Dad and laughed a whole lot more and then went to Beachwood for one. Got home in time to catch the Hitchcock hour, passed out on the couch and woke up at 4:00 with a stiff neck. Today is another Monday. 4 day work week for me. Tomorrow night is New Order. I took off Wednesday. I plan to dance the night away. I have a guest coming this weekend. We're going to go on adventures. Maybe even tape money to donkeys. I saw the Doom mentioned this so I will too. Go here to watch a video if you would like. It's the first one. We're going to do another soon. I still have two pussies living with me. Thank me.


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