Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Truth is Not Always Kind

I watched the movie Closer the other night. I liked it a lot. I think I related to it a little bit, maybe a lot. Well, most people could. A perfect example of how knowing the whole truth is not always the best idea. Somethings are just best left unsaid. An example of how the truth can be used just as a way to hurt somebody. Besides all the characters all wanting to sleep with each other, I'm not sure anyone actually loved anyone, but they sure said it a lot and used it for their own personal gain.

I've watched some real downer movies lately. I have all comedy now though. Time for a change of pace.

I did walk home from work the other day. I acted like a tourist and took pictures all the way. I'll post some soon. It was fun. It took an hour and a half. A pub crawl could easily be done all the way home and I plan to do it one evening. If anyone is interested they are of course welcome, but I'll do it with or with out you. Hee hee.

That is my post for the day. Back to work.


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