Thursday, May 05, 2005

Up, Down, Turn Around. Please Don't Let Me Hit the Ground

I'm sooooooo glad I spent a chunk of money to see New Order on Tuesday. It was worth every bit. The day I bought the tickets I was walking back to my car trying to justify spending so much and when I got in the car and took off Love Vigilantes came on the radio and I knew it was a good idea. They opened the show with Love Vigilantes. It was awesome! Most of the set was a rock set which included 3 maybe 4 Joy Division songs. Bernard Sumner, who doesn't sound at all like Ian Curtis, had a good growl going on and really pulled it off. Peter Hook was a mad man. There were dance songs too but mostly it was a guitar driven rock set. The crowd was really great too. A very non-pretentious audience. At one point we moved up a little and this girl said "I'll let you guys in front of us only if you join our dance party." "Why, of course!" Lot's of dancing and smiling and singing. They played around an hour and a half. It could have gone all night in my opinion, but no complaints.

I should mention this since I could not stop talking about it all night. The vision was locked in my memory all night. When I used the bathroom and went to wash my hands I watched as some guy walked up to one of the urinals and completely ate shit. You had to step up to it and I guess he missed or his foot slipped and he went face first towards it. His hands landing in the piss filled urinal and his head hit the front of it. Fucking nasty. My little enhancer was really starting to run it's course and at first I was like, did that really just happen? Someone else said "man, that sucks." Time to get the hell out of here.

Flygirl and I lost each other once during the show. It was pretty funny. I turned around and saw her 3 rows back with 2 beers in her hand just go walking by. I yelled for her but it was too loud. People around me yelled too but she just kept on going. I knew she'd find me eventually and about a song later she did.

I'm walking with a limp today. I hurt myself somehow on Tuesday but I don't really know how. Although, I suspect it was drunken gymnastics which I somehow keep doing.


Anonymous Bill V said...

I would never have thought that would have been a good show, having not liked any of their last 3 releases, but I am glad it worked out for the folks that shelled out the cash.

11:23 AM  
Blogger utchmynitz said...

It was well worth it. I was a little nervous right after I bought the tickets, but absolutely no regrets.

9:55 AM  

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