Thursday, March 31, 2005

I would like someone to help me with this

A special set of earplugs or ear device that you could program to block out certain sounds. It would work like this: The earplugs would also be a recording devise. You would record the sound you would like to block out, for instance The Cough, and put it into the earplug's memory chip. It would then be set so as soon that sound entered your ears the plug's memory would recognize the sound and mute it before your brain was able to register it. I suppose there would have to be a bit of a delay like on the radio or live tv for this to actually work so you would be hearing everything just a millisecond or 2 after. This would not be good for conversation or live music, but for work purposes, sleeping, and probably many others this would not be such a bad thing. Can someone design this for me? Maybe I should bring the idea over to the Retortion Labs and we can work on this together. I believe this really can be created.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Packed In Like Sardines

There was a bad accident on the Eisenhower Expressway this morning. There was a bad one on the Kennedy yesterday. This has to be the reason the trains were so incredibly packed the last 2 mornings. I would think with the weather as nice as it is people would be riding bikes, walking, skateboarding, rollerblading, doing The Worm, or any other form of transportation just to be outside. But, I was one of those train people too, so what can I say? So, yesterday I skipped the first train and hopped on the second one, which was a little less crowded. This morning I smashed my way onto the first train so I wouldn’t be late. I should have just waited. I was smashed up against the door with my book right in front of my face. I must have read the same paragraph 8 times. Someone kept dropping bombs. It was awful! Nothing worse than being stuffed into a slow moving, super warm, no circulation, overcrowded train and someone dropping ass with nowhere for it to go until the next stop. Brutal! It never really went away. My eyes watered and I thought I would scream.

This is true.

On the way home from work yesterday I stopped at Walgreen’s. In line behind me stood a black man with blue hair buying a red soda. I shit you not! Yes, I also thought this was strange and funny.

I am full of babble today but will stop after this.

After moving $in and Kelly on Monday we ate pizza and hung around and drank beers. I was talking to Helen who works at Beachwood. She said she had gone to see Slint over the weekend and how great it was. I asked if they played Good Morning Captain, except I could not remember the name of the song at the time, so I asked if they played that song "I MISS YOU!!!" They did. This was followed with a funny story. Helen is from England. She said when Slint were in London they hung out with some friends of hers in a pub all day and just got completely loaded. At some point one of the guys (I don’t know them by name) passed out on the bar. Every so often he would lift his head and say, "I miss you" and then go right back to sleep. Every time this would happen the whole pub would start cheering. I found this story very funny. Thank you.

Babble done.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Here is a Story

Which I will tell to the best of my knowledge and blurry memory. I was hanging up at Flynn Flam and Rhonda’s place on Saturday. We were at the Beetle earlier and then ended up over there. Flynn Flam and I at some point decided to walk out and get more Vodka, which of course involved a bit of a detour. This happens often when Flynn Flam and I are together. We went to some strange bars. On the way to one we had passed a place where we heard a lot of yelling and excitement going on. I believe they were speaking Chinese. Flam had joked earlier about it being an opium den. Well, eventually, after being at some other places we were on our way back and had to pass this place again. But before that we walked into a Chinese restaurant and did a shot of rum. Then we went to the place next door and that part is very blurry. All I know is that Flynn Flam was carrying a pizza, which I’m not sure where it came from. He is even a little confused whether he bought it or someone gave it to him. Pretty funny actually. So as we passed by this opium den or whatever it was there was still all kinds of excitement. Now I’m not sure who’s idea it actually was but the next thing I know I’m knocking on the door and when the door opened Flynn Flam asked if anyone had ordered a pizza. I think we walked in too. He can correct me if he remembers it differently. I do know that all the people in the room looked like they wanted to kill us. There was definitely some shady business going on there. Maybe they were playing Russian Roulette or had some kind of illegal gambling or other kind of operation going on. It was just weird. I had completely forgot about it until he mentioned something this morning. It's coming back to me more and more now.

Damn it!

I typed a pretty long one and then my computer freaked out and I lost the whole thing. I don't want to type it again.

Short version. Great weekend. Hung with friends, didn't have to work because I'm caught up, had a great meal at my mom's yesterday and brought leftovers for lunch today, no sis no surprize yesterday, and thank you for burning the Garden State soundtrack for me Flynn Flam. I've very much been enjoying it. I believe I need to own that movie.

I'm going to help $in move after work. He will give me beer and pizza.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Dancing On a Friday Night

Well, I'm not doing that. At least not yet. Just chillin. I'm not going anywhere tonight. Sometimes that's not such a bad thing. I was just listening to the very last Today's My Super Spaceout Day recording. I don't think I've listened to it since the band broke up close to 2 years ago. I'm going to be sending the new Milk disc out to a friend in San Fran and I promised I would send the last Spaceout recordings, so I thought I'd take a listen. I enjoyed it. Being separated from all that now I was able to listen with different ears and was able to enjoy it much more than I did back then. 3 songs that definitely sounded like a band unsure of what direction it should now go, which is usually a sign it's time to end it. None the less though, 3 songs I'm happy to have documented and don't feel they are bad songs at all. There were a bunch of other songs never recorded which in time I will probably completely forget. Some I already have. That is sad really. There are some that I won't mind forgetting, but for the most part I would like to remember. It's history and part of a growing and developing musical part of my life and I wish more of them were at least documented.

I have movies. I'm either watching Friday Night Lights or Ray. Probably Friday Night Lights since I've been waiting forever for it.

One last thing. I'm very disappointed in sis, but not surprised. I talked to her for a little tonight and if you know me or anything about that situation you probably know what I'm disappointed about. I just don't know her anymore. I know her voice and I know she is very predictable, but I just don't know who the fuck she is anymore. Whoa....That got depressing. Stop it. Ok, I'll try. What do ya say Cowpie? Wanna run? Come on!! YEAH!!!

The Universe is Random

But don't go saying that shit in church or they will get pissed and throw your ass out.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

"He who makes a beast of himself
Gets rid of the pain
Of being a man."

-Dr. Johnson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-

Before going out for Kelly's b-day last night I watched Fear and Loathing. I enjoyed it more than I had the first time I had seen it. It obviously could never compare to the book, but a fine effort indeed. When I got home last night I started watching it again with the Hunter Thompson commentary on and it made me miss him more than ever.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Holy Shit!!!

I'm listening to a live version of The Polyphonic Spree doing 5 Years by David Bowie and it is fantastic!! I have to find out what this is from and get it. I know they toured with Bowie. Damn what a great show that would be! I was about to leave and this came on. Perfect note to leave on.

Hurry Up Offense

Every time The Cough steps away I read as much e-mail and blogs as I can before the play clock runs down, and if I'm fast enough sometimes I can even respond to some of them. 4th down. I'm going for it!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Ooohhh, I can't wait to eat that monkey."

-Grandpa Simpson-

Ok, maybe not a monkey. I can't wait to go home and grill up a big phat cheeseburger. I will work for 15 more minutes. Even though I showered today I feel very dirty. Flynn Flam said he would do the worm next time I see him.


Strange night of sleep. I seemed to be waking up and tossing and turning for long periods of time and having really crazy dreams in between and now I'm wondering what was real and what was a dream. I first fell asleep on the couch watching a Conan rerun. I woke up to Jennifer Tilly on Jay Leno with musical guests Wilco at around 2:30 in the morning. Now, I'm pretty damn sure I had woken up to that same rerun at the same time a few months ago. I'm also pretty confident that I was awake last night and watched until Wilco performed and then went to bed. But who knows. The rest of the night of sleep was so wacky that I'm not sure what was real. I wasn't on anything so I really don't know. Weird. Even Cowpie seemed to be acting weird. I only hit snooze once this morning. I was ready to be out of bed and he was definitely ready for me to be up.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Hold On Hope

I talked to my sister a little while ago. She called. I gotta say it was nice to hear a voice on the other end of the phone that sounded like "my sister" and not the person I've been dealing with for the last year. But I also have to say that I don't feel comfortable because she is going back to the same living situation she was living in a month ago. There isn't anything I can say or anyone else to change her mind. I can only hope for the best for her.

I'm going to get around to telling the tale of Carmen, Polish bars, and Division St., at least what I can remember about it, but I'm tired of looking at this "electronic computer page." So it will have to wait.

I'm anxious to hear SXSW storys from friends. I was very close to going down there myself but the ride I was going to hitch was leaving the day I was playing Double Door. No biggie. I'll get down there.

Also anxious to hear Woody Creek stories from Doom.

Love Vigilantes

Leaving Tower Records a little after noon on Saturday and enjoying a beautiful sunny day; I tried to justify spending almost $120 on 2 New Order tickets. I got in the car and right when it started Now Here is Nowhere by Secret Machines comes on and my hand immediately reaches for the volume. I'm rocking out and feeling good and then following that song is Love Vigilantes and I think to myself, as I turn the stereo even louder, yes, buying New Order tickets was a good thing. It's the first Chicago show in 10 years, I've never seen them, it's the closest I'll ever get to seeing Joy Division, and wait a minute.......It's New Order! That is enough of a reason. It's going to be fun. I hope to roll.

There were other weekend adventures but I am busy and still working. Maybe later.

Friday, March 18, 2005

This is really funny.

Ok, I think it is really funny! It was in my inbox when I got to work this morning and the first thing I read. I laughed really loud and recieved some startled looks. I won't say who it's from. Although I don't believe this person would care, we'll just leave it our little secret. Anonymous friend wrote:

"oh i totally forgot aobiut this haha.ohh my god rick i'm ama so oo drunk. and i also my wacom don't work. so here you goo.happy st.patcricks day . i had man y of a the isrsish creams and shit.! ohyoly they got medrunk. i gotta lovethis companpyt . 101 carbombs were served in an hour. and lotsa lotsayjmmu irshi creams.i can't tyep. n can barely draw but here ayou go."

Well, it's 5:00 and Utch is out of here. I really enjoyed this work week. Yesterday was Monday and today is Friday already. But boy was I busy here. But now maybe I will go party. I don't know. I stayed home last night. Imagine that. Watched Benny and Joon. It was still as funny as I had remembered. Ok, good bye.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I took this from Flygirl

"Best $12 I spent was to see Mr. Lou Barlow play (again) on Sunday nite; a wonderful and beautiful 2+ hour acoustic set (thanks to the audience, who got him drunk and wouldn't let him leave the stage). I seriously think it was one of the best shows that I have ever been to. He never stops amazing me! And thanks to Rick (yeah, I was with the "loud guy" at the show) he also played some good ol' Sebadoh classics ("Soul and Fire" was the highlight). However, we also found out that Lou is a stand up comic, as he told some absolutely hysterical tales on stage. It was just a wonderful nite! I was blissfully happy!!! I can't wait until he comes back again....hopefully soon!!!" Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm On a Huge Lou Barlow Kick Right Now.

I'm listening to Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock(Sebadoh) right now. Here's lyrics to a David Crosby cover on the disc, which is awesome:

"Everybody has been burned before; everybody knows the pain
Anyone in this place can tell you to your face
Why you shouldn’t try to love someone
Everybody knows it never works
Everybody knows and me
We know that door shuts just before you get to the dream you see
I know I know all too well, how to turn and how to run
How to hide behind a bitter lie with blue
But you die inside when you choose to hide
So I guess instead I'll love you
I love you
I love you"

Still drinking I am. I'm going to get shitfaced today and then I'm not going drink for a little while. Do you believe me? I'm not going to think about love after today either. Do you believe me? I didn't think so.

Aw, here's Pink Moon. Great cover as well.. Nick Drake might be popping in my cd player soon.


It is 4:30 and I am still drunk from last night. At least I am not at work. The vacation, and bender, will end tomorrow. I am really craving Chipotle. I have to walk out and get my car, which is just down the street, but I was drunk and knew I shouldn't drive anymore(smart Utch), and so I will go to Chipotle. I will also rob the Quikie-Mart. I will also do cartwheels. I will also blast music. I will also blast a pint. I will also sing really loud alone. I will also pick my nose. I will also wear sunglasses. I will also poop. I will squeeze Cowpie and tell him he is the best pussy ever. I will also be very glad to be alive and tell myself that I like things. Today is my Sunday and I'm going to end this shit loudly. As your attorney I advise you do the same.. Thank you

Monday, March 14, 2005

Mildly Pro-Choice

I almost forgot about this. I was watching Meet The Press yesterday and Condoleezza Rice was on the show. I had to look up the transcript just now to make sure I had heard this correctly. I did. I'll tell you I was shocked to hear this come out of her mouth:

MR. RUSSERT: You told the Washington Times on Friday you were mildly pro-choice. What does that mean?
DR. RICE: It means that like many Americans I find the issue of abortion very difficult. I believe it ought to be as rare as possible. Nobody wants to see anyone go through that. I favor parental notification. I favor a ban on late-term abortion. But I, myself, am not a fan of having the government intervene in the laws.
MR. RUSSERT: You would not outlaw it?

The Ballad of Daykitty

First of all, the Lou Barlow show last night was awesome!!! More on that in a little bit. It's been a great weekend so far and it's only half over for me. I don't go back to work until Thursday. Just got back from Bongo Room. Great Bloodys. I'm super full and thinking about a nap.

Friday night was fun. Went to a party. The only bad part of the evening was the $115 that went to not have my car towed. Doom, Steph, and I went to Lazo's for dinner. I parked in the parking lot behind Arturo's. As far as I knew the lot was for Arturo's, Lazo's, and Cancun. I thought they were all connected. We all did. It turns out the lot is for Arturo's and Cancun, but not Lazo's, which is in the middle. It's a total scam. We came out only to see a boot on my front tire. What the fuck! There was a guy in a van parked next to me sitting there waiting for me to pay him. He sat there the whole time we were eating. They had a whole operation going on. He sat there and there were two other guys watching the entrances of the restaurants. Fucking bullshit man. If I didn't pay him it would have been towed. Argh!!

Saturday after practice we went to Gold Star to meet with a guy who wants to shoot a video for us. Yes, Milk At Midnight is doing a video. It will be a first for all 3 of us. I'm pumped. We wound up staying there all night. It was fun.

Yesterday $in and I went down to the Southside Irish Parade. It was a blast as usual. It was $in's first time. He of course loved it. My cousin had a party afterwards. No surprise that $in loved my cousin too. He's a super cool guy. They're moving to Colorado in June. It will be great to go out and visit.

Lou Barlow played at Schubas last night. I was quite drunk already. I was my friend Billiam last night. You know, that loud heckling drunk guy. I would have stopped though if it was bothering him, but he was loving it. He played every song request I shouted out. We were right in front. He even mimicked me a few times. It was really funny. He played for more than 2 hours because we, the audience, kept him up there. Really good crowd. Flygirl and I talked to him a little after the show. I mentioned that I had sent pictures of Cowpie and his face lit up and he asked, "Oh, did I post them?"
I told him "not yet, I just sent them a week ago". I'm pretty sure those pictures will end up on his site. What a great day! I'm surprised I made it. We even went to the L & L for a couple. Long day of drinking

Now I'm going to change some strings on me guitar.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Man, I've had no spare time at work for anything really lately. I took off Monday through Wednesday next week. It is so needed and well deserved I think. I'm really looking forward to a 5 day weekend. It's going to be fun. I'm especially looking forward to Sunday and Tuesday. It's the southside Irish parade. I always have a complete blast down there. I can't get as crazy this year though because I have a ticket to see Lou Barlow that same night. I can't pull an Ander$in, Chicago Fire, Delgados night. That was a year ago wasn't it? I'd put a link to that story but it would just send you back here. Sorry. Tuesday I play a rock show. I love playing.

On the way home tonight I heard myself on the radio again. Last week on the way to band practice I heard myself on the radio. Quite flattering I must say. Even more exciting because the disc hasn't even been released yet. Just a few advanced copies sent out to a few places. I feel very proud of what we've accomplished and it's nice to start hearing some feedback from others about it. You get so caught up in recording and then listening to mixes and pretty much nitpicking until it gets to the where you are happy with the way it sounds and then you sit back and think, gosh, I wonder if people will actually like this. Pretty cool.

I was thinking about this story I read a while back about Sting. I guess Roxanne came on radio and he was in his car and blasted it, like any young rocker who heard himself on the radio would do. This was back when that song had just come out. He was rocking out to his own song and looked over at the car next to him and the guy in it flipped him off.

Last night Super Becky came over and chopped some hairs off me head. It was driving me crazy, my hair that is. It's nice to be light headed in the natural way again. It's not super short though. Just less Crispin Glover or Hitler looking. Super Becky hung out afterwards and we drank beers and whiskey. It was fun. Becky and I hadn't hung out in a while, besides in a crowd, so I was glad.

What else. Oh, speaking of Hitler, I got Max in the mail today. I think I might watch it now. I should be at a show tonight but I'm tired and I have a class at 8:00 tomorrow and don't want to be out of it or stinking of booze.

I guess that is all I have to say right now.

Tryin to eat, index, type, and not get caught by The Cough

The Cough is character in my story. The Cough is a real person. We'll get into that more at a different date.

If you went to, well, you've noticed that you have been directed here. Work is being done to get that site up and running again. There is a year and a half of data archived over there which I would like to have up still, but since that site crashes so much, all future entries will find their home over here.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

mizzle at midnight so bow down to the bow wow.

D-A-Double-Nizzy doom - guitar, vocals

nizzle ritz - bizzass, vocals

eric cracka - drums

After band practice last night we were looking at Eric Cracka almost spit out his beer from laughing so hard. Funny shit. Yo, check some whizzack mp3's here:

Yesterday I had a sneaking suspicion as I walked to the train wearing a thick sweater, big winter coat, collars up around my neck, hat and gloves, fighting the biting wind, that maybe, just maybe it was cold out. It was confirmed many times as I passed people in the hall or rode in an elevator with a nice "it's cold out there!" It is, isn't it? Thanks for clearing that up for me.

"One of the things Ford Prefect had always found hardest to understand about humans was their habit of continuously stating and repeating the very very obvious, as in It's a nice day, or You're very tall, or Oh dear you seem to have fallen down a thirty-foot well, are you all right?"--

--The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Let's Start Off With a Subject Most Will Relate To

This morning I popped a big whopping zit on my cheek. Now it is all red and bright. I thought at a certain age they would just stop showing up. It doesn't work that way. I've never had a problem with acne. Every so often though I get hit with one of these whoppers. So, conveniently this monster is placed a little to the left of the bottom of my nose. My hair comes down just above it, not hiding it, but more like pointing and saying, HEY LOOK, HE'S GOT A ZIT!!