Friday, March 25, 2005

Dancing On a Friday Night

Well, I'm not doing that. At least not yet. Just chillin. I'm not going anywhere tonight. Sometimes that's not such a bad thing. I was just listening to the very last Today's My Super Spaceout Day recording. I don't think I've listened to it since the band broke up close to 2 years ago. I'm going to be sending the new Milk disc out to a friend in San Fran and I promised I would send the last Spaceout recordings, so I thought I'd take a listen. I enjoyed it. Being separated from all that now I was able to listen with different ears and was able to enjoy it much more than I did back then. 3 songs that definitely sounded like a band unsure of what direction it should now go, which is usually a sign it's time to end it. None the less though, 3 songs I'm happy to have documented and don't feel they are bad songs at all. There were a bunch of other songs never recorded which in time I will probably completely forget. Some I already have. That is sad really. There are some that I won't mind forgetting, but for the most part I would like to remember. It's history and part of a growing and developing musical part of my life and I wish more of them were at least documented.

I have movies. I'm either watching Friday Night Lights or Ray. Probably Friday Night Lights since I've been waiting forever for it.

One last thing. I'm very disappointed in sis, but not surprised. I talked to her for a little tonight and if you know me or anything about that situation you probably know what I'm disappointed about. I just don't know her anymore. I know her voice and I know she is very predictable, but I just don't know who the fuck she is anymore. Whoa....That got depressing. Stop it. Ok, I'll try. What do ya say Cowpie? Wanna run? Come on!! YEAH!!!


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