Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Radial Distortion Algorithm

Hot damn! Been busy today. No bloggie blog. Checked out the Yeah Yeah Yeah's last night. Great show! Found out today my title is Trust Specialist. Had a little one on one with the boss earlier today about objectives. I told her that I objected to having to do my job well unless I'm allowed to come in shitfaced everyday. She thought this sounded like a fantastic idea. In fact, the best idea I've had all year. I should definitely keep the ideas coming. Keep that mind machine rolling, son. Doesn't this look like a Trust Specialist you'd like to get loaded with? http://www.flickr.com/photos/drkfiber/94237168/ CHEERS!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Weekend and Stuff

Bowled in the dark on Friday. Ended up at a party with underage drinkers. Wasn't comfortable with it and left. Ended up at a Mexican bar. Played pool with a man who spoke no English. I speak no Spanish, except for some words for certain food items which would not have been appropriate in this situation. He whooped my ass a few times, at pool that is. Struggled through a very bad tap beer from Diversey Bowl hangover on Saturday and finished recording guitars. Slammed full on Vulgon into The End of the Party Wall that evening and missed all the fun. Ouch! It hurt. Cleaned up after some messy pussies on Sunday while tiptoeing through the tulips and doing Jesus Jumping Jacks with coffee. Watched Hustle and Flow. The friend who suggested it said "This was much better than I expected." I ditto that.

What do you think of Drkfiber? That picture was taken moments after he flogged his damn dummy and seconds before rats nibbled him away into dust.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Post a picture you haven't thought about in at least 2 years."

Here ya go drkfiber!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Message to the girl nextdoor

I was going to tape this to her door, but have decided I will tape it to mine instead. If you think I might have left any simple facts about apartment living out, please feel free to send them my way.


It is true that some people are just really loud. I also believe there are some people that do not know how to live in the city. Here are a few tips.

1. People are going to walk around and live their day to day lives and do
their day to day things and often you are going to hear it. Folks could benefit from purchasing a fan or some sort of noise machine to block some of this out. Just a suggestion.

2. Vacuuming at 3:30 in the morning is bad. Vacuuming at 10:30 on a Saturday morning is not bad. Pounding so hard that the building shakes while your neighbor is doing this is always bad.

3. When playing music, watching television, or a movie, as long as it is not as loud as a Who concert, anything before 9:00 PM is fair game. On Friday and Saturday night I believe anything before 10:00 PM also is fair game.

4. Pounding so hard that the building shakes is ALWAYS bad. Standing outside your neighbor’s door while they are listening to music in the middle of the afternoon shouting WOO HOO!! and stomping on the floor is also always bad.

These are just simple facts. If people can’t live with this then I suggest moving to the country or a nice quiet suburb.

Thank you.

Ah, Poor Rod

Apparently he didn't know it was a spoof:

No joke! Blagojevich took `Daily' seriously

Published February 24, 2006

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he didn't realize "The Daily Show" was a spoof of the news when he sat down for an interview.

"It was going to be an interview on contraceptives . . . that's all I knew about it," Blagojevich, laughingly, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in a story for Thursday's editions. "I had no idea I was going to be asked if I was `the gay governor."

Interviewer Jason Jones pretended to stumble over Blagojevich's name before calling him "Gov. Smith." He later asked if Blagojevich was "the gay governor."

At one point, a startled Blagojevich looked to someone off camera and said, "Is he teasing me, or is that legit?"

The segment, which has aired, also featured Illinois state Rep. Ron Stephens, who has said he knew the show hosted by Jon Stewart was a comedy.

"I thought the governor was hip enough that he would have known that too," Stephens said.

----------The Personals page was compiled by Cristi
Kempf from Tribune news services and staff reports.

Copyright © 2006, Chicago Tribune


It is my own fault I forgot to bring my lunch today just like it is my own fault that I forgot to bring it yesterday. I can go on making excuses and blaming others for my flaw, but I know, and now you know, that it is simply my own fault. I just need to except this simple fact and go on with my life. Thank you for listening and helping me see this for what it is and helping me get through these dreadful times of the forgotten lunch. Have a nice day.

The Staff

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Chrome Protection

Catherine Wheel was by far one of my favorite bands of the 90's. They never really recieved the recognition they deserved, but I don't mind that. Kind of like having your own brilliant little secret. Unfortunately I never saw them live, so last night's Rob Dickinson show at Schubas was a special treat for me, and he did not disappoint. Not only is he a great song writer with a great voice, but he had an incredible amount of stage presence and energy. The show was just him, an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, a distortion pedal, and a delay pedal . He played many songs from the new album but also played a fair amount of Catherine Wheel songs including Heal, Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck, Crank, and Black Metallic. I believe that might have been one of the best solo performances I've ever seen. This music fan is very inspired today.

Love my superstitious games
Running circles round my brain when I'm left smiling

I love to steal this living steam
My head in someone's dream
I'm tired of sleeping

Call me crank, my idea
Crank, so super
Crank, my conscience clear

I build my canopy of steel
It fulfills my sense of real
A chrome protection

Call me crank, my idea
Crank, so super
Crank, my conscience clear
It's clear

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mung for Lunch

Apartment mung or van mung? Office mung? BASEMENT MUNG!! That should do it.

Not enough sleep last night. Didn't go out, just didn't sleep. Cranky I am, and things are just not moving fast enough today at work and I have no patience for it whatsoever. It also seems to me that people save up all the stupid questions and store them in a folder in their mind and save them for days like today and just start rapidly firing em off one by one. Like they sense you are not in the mood to just smile politely and answer no matter how ridiculous.

Must snap out of it. "You've just gotta smile and hang out with intelligent people." That was a song lyric. Tonight, I'm going to see Rob Dickinson of Catherine Wheel fame and cousin of Bruce Dickinson. "THE Bruce Dickinson? Yes, THE Bruce Dickinson." I'm very much looking forward to this show. Until then, MUNGS AWAY!!

Friday, February 17, 2006


After practice last night I checked out an awesome band from Australia called Wolfmother http://www.wolfmother.com/2005.html. Holy shit, they took my fucking head off! If you're a fan of Black Sabbath you most certainly will enjoy these guys. A 3 piece band with a very big sound. Most certainly up my alley. Damn, what a week for rock shows!

And now for a laugh. Look in the right hand corner. http://www.gojangle.com/go/ Nice face!!

*Of note, at the time this was originally posted the gojangle site had a still from the Milk At Midnight video Never Like It Here Much Anyway http://www.milkatmidnight.com/ of a really goofy looking $IN. It has since been updated.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


A businessman gets on an elevator. When he enters, there's a
blonde already inside and she greets him by saying, T-G-I-F.

He smiles and re;lies, 'S-H-I-T'.

She looks at him, puzzled and again says 'T-G-I-F'.

He acknowledges her remark again by answering 'S-H-I-T'.

The blonde is trying to be friendly, so she smiles her biggest
smile and says as sweetly as possible,'T-G-I-F'.

The man smiles back to her and once again replies with a
quizzical expression, 'S-H-I-T'.

The blonde finally decides to explain things, and this time she
says, 'T-G-I-F'. Thank Goodness It's Friday, get it ?

The man answers, 'Sorry, Honey, it's Thursday.'.

I recieved this in an e-mail this morning. It made me laugh because last night I had band practice. We usually have it on Thursday. I too thought it was Friday today. DOH!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Should Coco

Thanks to my good buddy Skid, I got to spend Valentine's with a little band from the UK called Supergrass. I've liked the band for years but last night was the first time I've seen them. I actually felt old for a minute when before playing their first single it was mentioned that they released it 12 years ago. Where does the time go? Anyway, it was an awesome show. Very talented band and a lot of fun. Last night's show was at the Vic Theatre. It had been years since I'd seen a show there and I was reminded of just how cool it is to see shows there. Probably my favorite venue. Mental note, see more shows at the Vic.

The show was out by a quarter to 11:00 so we were able to get down to Double Door to catch the entire Ponys set. A good show as well. Those guys get better everytime I see them.

From Double Door we went to Pontiac and then my arm was twisted and dragged to the Evil E. At least I left before I heard "LAST CALL!" and the lights came on. I still overslept this morning and was an hour and a half late. DOH! It's funny because it seemed like everyone here expected me to be late today and just laughed at me. I guess they know me well. YIP YIP!!

My advice for you today is to watch out for chicken bats. In the name of Jesus they will eat you like a cheeseburger with bacon hold the onion.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

On this Valentines Day

I would like to state that I am in love with The Flaming Lips. I would also like to say that I am proud of my black heritage. I have joined the Hinsdale woman's volleyball team.


Ok, one of those things is true. Although I am often told I look like Saquille O'Neal. And although I tell folks that besides the fact that I'm not very good at basketball, not really tall, nor am I black, I do look just like him. Well, I have to accept that it is not true.

And as far as the woman's volleyball team. Better luck next year for me I guess.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sun Sun Sun Here We Come

More pics to come.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

"I like the taste of chocolate cake; I close my eyes and I masterbate."

Anyone remember a band called Possum Dixon? I rediscovered them today. I was pretty into their first album back in 93. This morning when I came to work I was listening to Violent Femmes 3 and suddenly thought about Possum Dixon. Enjoying listening to it quite nicely right now.

Can I mention that winter is bumming me out. I've always hated the month of February and a big part of taking a vacation to somewhere warm this year was to break up February a bit. Well, it did do that, but walking to practice with snow blowing hard in my face was not something I enjoyed much last night. And walking to the train in the cold make you stiff weather this morning was also something I did not enjoy much. And knowing it is going to get even colder this weekend is enough to make me want to hibernate or hop on another plane. I know, I'm whining. Last week while walking around in a t-shirt with the sun baking down I was in such a good mood and was thinking of all the fun spring and summer things to come. It was a tease. It won't be long now though. It won't be long.

I also am bummed that the football season is over. Don't worry, little Utch isn't going to shoot himself, but ironically this was talked about last night. Almost a year ago this month, Hunter S. Thompson titled his suicide note:

"Football Season Is Over."

"No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun -- for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax -- This won't hurt."

Gives ya a chill, doesn't it?

I have one more thing that has me in a glum mood today. Remember The Cough? I used to type about the cough a lot at this blog. It's been a while though and I had hoped to never have to again. We just had a meeting and it was announced that The Cough would be our boss again. Ugh.....

Geez, this blog started out positive and ended negative. Ok, something positive to end on. Milk At Midnight is recording again. YAY!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Too Funny

Not long after I posted this picture below I go over here http://dannydoom.com/ and see that Danny posted the same picture as me! Too funny! Guess we're on the same wave. Ha ha! No wonder we play music together.


Looks like the President got caught on camera letting one rip while he gets ripped at Coretta Scott King's funeral.

With President and first lady Laura Bush looking on, the Rev. Joseph Lowery speaks Tuesday at Coretta Scott King's funeral. "For war, billions more, but no more for the poor," criticized Lowery, who founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. "We know there were no weapons of mass destruction over there, but Coretta knew and we knew there are weapons of misdirection right down here." (AP)


A little while ago I bit the inside of my cheek so goddamn hard that it took everything in me not to scream at the top of my lungs. Matt is already nervous wreck today I didn't want to rattle his chains anymore. Holy crapballs did it hurt though!

On a different note, I woke up this morning singing the ABC song, "Shoot that poison arrow though my heart." I have no idea why I was singing it.

It's cold in Chicago. Did you know that?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The New Motto

Flynn Flam says the new motto is: "We're not leavin till we're heavin"
I like that.

The Party is Over

It seems I can no longer use myspace at work. Access denied. Someone told me that the site was under criminal investigation. This must be why. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Last week I went out west. That's right, I took myself on a little vacation. I hopped on a plane Saturday morning and flew to Tucson. Dad was there waiting for me when I arrived. We went for brunch and ended up having some really interesting conversation. I say interesting because he revealed somethings about my family that I never knew about. I could tell it was going to be a good week.

After brunch while heading back to his place I was talking about the different things I wanted to do and see while I was out there. Very casually, and this is very much my Dad, he mentions that he might have to go up to Vegas that week. I ask what for and he tells me that his RV, which has just been sitting on his property not being used, was being put into a rental program and he needed to bring it to Vegas where the main office was. He was going to get the most business there. So I say, "sure, I'll go to Vegas with you!" He says, "good, because it's tomorrow morning. I've already made the reservation." We stayed at the only campground on the strip. Circus Circus. That was Sunday night and then we bummed around for most of Monday before heading out of town to take at least 3 or 4 hours off the drive back. I think I was in Vegas long enough for it to be a tease and make me want to actually plan a trip there. I gambled a little at Circus Circus, a little at Stardust, and a little at Flamingo. I didn't win anything. Saw the rose garden tribute to Bugsy Seagal. Bugsy thought it would be a great idea to open up a casino in the desert. He used a lot of mafia money to make it happen and was eventually killed by the mafia for doing it. Boy was he right though.

Tuesday we finished the drive. We didn't do any siteseeing that day.

Wednesday, Dad and I went to the Air Force Base in Tucson. We paid to go on the bus tour through the boneyard. It's known as an airplane graveyard, but I think the Air Force people are offended by that because actually only about a 4th of the many miles of retired airplanes are actually for parts. All the other planes if need be can be ready and put into flight again. Very impressive tour though. Good museum too. We walked through the Air Force One used by Kennedy and then Johnson between 1961-65. My Dad believes that it was the very first Air Force One and designed by Jackie Kennedy. I'll have to look that up. He may be right.

Thursday, Dad, Stepmom, and I drove down to Nogales, Mexico. First time in Mexico for me. Everyone knows it's a very poor country, but seeing it first hand is different. There are no emissions laws, so there are a bunch of cars driving around blowing stinky exhaust and burning oil. We parked on the United States side and walked across the border. To drive over you have to purchase insurance. If you don't and someone hits you, the police take your car. Quite a scam. As soon as we walked over people were trying to sell us stuff and offering to write us presciptions. There is a pharmacy every 3 or 4 doors. I was tempted but decided not to. There are all kinds of vendors selling rugs, blankets. jewelry, hats, holsters, and all kinds of stuff. They are very determined to get you in their store and you won't leave Mexico empty handed. But you never pay what they originally ask. They want you to bargain with them and the best thing to do is seem unsure and walk out of the store. I had a guy follow me down the street trying to sell me a silver chain. It started at $20 and by the end he was ready to sell it me for $8. I didn't buy it. I did buy a black leather cowboy hat and some other little things. One of the venders offered me a shot of Tequila while trying to make a sale, to which I accepted. After I made a purchase he offered me another, to which I accepted. That part of Mexico is fun. What's bad are the little poor kids on the street trying to sell you gum and bracelets and things like that. Their sad little faces make them very difficult to resist. All and all a fun day though.

Friday we hiked a mile and a half through the mountains and Apache Pass to see the ruins of Fort Bowie. Then hiked a mile and a half back. It took us an hour and a half to get up there and a half hour to get back. Mostly downhill on the way back and we weren't stopping to read things.

I left on Saturday and it was almost 80. Got back to Chicago around 6:00 pm and it was snowing and 31. All and all, a great vacation. Now I'm at work.