Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Weekend and Stuff

Bowled in the dark on Friday. Ended up at a party with underage drinkers. Wasn't comfortable with it and left. Ended up at a Mexican bar. Played pool with a man who spoke no English. I speak no Spanish, except for some words for certain food items which would not have been appropriate in this situation. He whooped my ass a few times, at pool that is. Struggled through a very bad tap beer from Diversey Bowl hangover on Saturday and finished recording guitars. Slammed full on Vulgon into The End of the Party Wall that evening and missed all the fun. Ouch! It hurt. Cleaned up after some messy pussies on Sunday while tiptoeing through the tulips and doing Jesus Jumping Jacks with coffee. Watched Hustle and Flow. The friend who suggested it said "This was much better than I expected." I ditto that.

What do you think of Drkfiber? That picture was taken moments after he flogged his damn dummy and seconds before rats nibbled him away into dust.


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