Friday, February 24, 2006

Message to the girl nextdoor

I was going to tape this to her door, but have decided I will tape it to mine instead. If you think I might have left any simple facts about apartment living out, please feel free to send them my way.


It is true that some people are just really loud. I also believe there are some people that do not know how to live in the city. Here are a few tips.

1. People are going to walk around and live their day to day lives and do
their day to day things and often you are going to hear it. Folks could benefit from purchasing a fan or some sort of noise machine to block some of this out. Just a suggestion.

2. Vacuuming at 3:30 in the morning is bad. Vacuuming at 10:30 on a Saturday morning is not bad. Pounding so hard that the building shakes while your neighbor is doing this is always bad.

3. When playing music, watching television, or a movie, as long as it is not as loud as a Who concert, anything before 9:00 PM is fair game. On Friday and Saturday night I believe anything before 10:00 PM also is fair game.

4. Pounding so hard that the building shakes is ALWAYS bad. Standing outside your neighbor’s door while they are listening to music in the middle of the afternoon shouting WOO HOO!! and stomping on the floor is also always bad.

These are just simple facts. If people can’t live with this then I suggest moving to the country or a nice quiet suburb.

Thank you.


Blogger BillyBlogBob said...

You should hear the people above us. I've never experienced anything like it. They pace back and forth in an obsessive-compulsive like manner from 7:00am until 3:30am. Every. Single. Day. They do not leave the apt. They do not seem to work. We call them the Stompersons. There is Stompy and Stomper. They are a fat, oafish couple from Canada and while I envy their nationality, I am ready for them to take off, eh.

3:59 PM  

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