Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mung for Lunch

Apartment mung or van mung? Office mung? BASEMENT MUNG!! That should do it.

Not enough sleep last night. Didn't go out, just didn't sleep. Cranky I am, and things are just not moving fast enough today at work and I have no patience for it whatsoever. It also seems to me that people save up all the stupid questions and store them in a folder in their mind and save them for days like today and just start rapidly firing em off one by one. Like they sense you are not in the mood to just smile politely and answer no matter how ridiculous.

Must snap out of it. "You've just gotta smile and hang out with intelligent people." That was a song lyric. Tonight, I'm going to see Rob Dickinson of Catherine Wheel fame and cousin of Bruce Dickinson. "THE Bruce Dickinson? Yes, THE Bruce Dickinson." I'm very much looking forward to this show. Until then, MUNGS AWAY!!


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