Monday, August 13, 2007

Hello Chicago; I'm Home

You're slightly cooler than you were when I left you on Thursday and I welcome it. Spent the last 4 and half days in San Francisco and enjoyed her very much, but I'm forever your's Chicago. I'll certainly visit her again though. She showed me a wonderful time.

I'm tired and I have to head back out soon to pick up W from the airport, so for now I'll leave ya with a short story and a few favorite pics and maybe one or two from Lolla as well.

Friday while W was in meetings I sent out on a walking journey. Started out at Union Square, then north on Grant Ave. through Chinatown for Dim Sum and people watching, up through North Beach, and all the way to The Embarcadero. Pictures of Alcatraz, a walk through Fisherman's Wharf, and back southeast down Columbus Ave. to City Lights Book Store and couple pints next door at Vesuvio.

Early on my journey walking up Grant through Chinatown I walked towards a man staring me up and down. He was an older Humpty Dumpty looking man. He wore jean shorts pulled up high with a white t-shirt tucked in tight. Brown dress socks pulled all the way up and white sneakers. He wore glasses, had a thick mustache, and leaned on a cane. He looked me up and down as I walked past and when I was probably, in his opinion, far enough away he turned to the company he was with and said, with a strong Texas accent, "WELL AIN'T THAT A GOOFY LOOKING BASTARD!"

I almost never respond in these situations, but suddenly I found myself yelling back, perhaps from the irony of the situation, "HEY, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, BUDDY!" I chuckled for many blocks after.

Now I leave you with a few favorite pics:

Notice the time on the clock.

And one from Lolla


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