Friday, April 29, 2005

On 4/29/05, Sarcastic Plastic> wrote:
Taavi plays drums in a band called Ainus Seadus. He has a Nirvana and Pantera patch on his leather jacket. He used to work in a factory that builds small bridges.

drkfiber> wrote:
That Kicks Ass. How did you meet him?

On 4/29/05, Sarcastic Plastic> wrote:
When we were Estonia we saw him hitchhiking and picked him up. We like him a lot. He says he would like Wisconsin a lot. Only people in Estonia and people in the midwest stand outside and drink beer in the winter.

drkfiber> wrote:
Kick Ass. I have stood outside in the winter and drank beer. What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Truth is Not Always Kind

I watched the movie Closer the other night. I liked it a lot. I think I related to it a little bit, maybe a lot. Well, most people could. A perfect example of how knowing the whole truth is not always the best idea. Somethings are just best left unsaid. An example of how the truth can be used just as a way to hurt somebody. Besides all the characters all wanting to sleep with each other, I'm not sure anyone actually loved anyone, but they sure said it a lot and used it for their own personal gain.

I've watched some real downer movies lately. I have all comedy now though. Time for a change of pace.

I did walk home from work the other day. I acted like a tourist and took pictures all the way. I'll post some soon. It was fun. It took an hour and a half. A pub crawl could easily be done all the way home and I plan to do it one evening. If anyone is interested they are of course welcome, but I'll do it with or with out you. Hee hee.

That is my post for the day. Back to work.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I'm overwhelmed at work. You should see the paper fort I'm building on my desk. I'll be hornshwaggled(or however the &*^^%$#** you spell that). What the heck is going on around here? I will work for one half hour more. I just looked at the weather and I think I can beat the rain. I feel like walking home today for some reason. I like a good goddamn walk. It's good for the thinking, and good for the legs. I like to have strong legs. I could do a pub crawl down Milwaukee. No, not drinkin this week ma. Well, most of the week at least. I'll leave you folks with some little words of wisdom. "Mama don't your babies grow up to be cowboys."

Thank you.

Friday, April 22, 2005


Morning. It's a nice and shitty day in Chicago but I don't care. You see I put a few pictures up below. Just random stuff. I've been in a picture taking mood again so expect more.

Here is a little irony for you. Remember the story of the lost car keys and that whole fiasco? Well, guess who's keys turned up? Yep, you guessed correctly. One of the kids Kelly babysits found them in the back seat of her car. I do now, but I didn't even remember riding in her car. What is even funnier is that $in doesn't remember, and he went out with her that night! We had been in many cabs to various locations so I forgot all about riding with Kelly from the shitty Lincoln Park bar to Beachwood and I guess thought it was another cab ride. So, $200 later and another parking ticket, I now have a spare set of car keys. How's that for irony? All I can do is laugh.

Kinkhead is in town. The return of the Frito Pie Poet. Tonight should be a riot. Kinkhead, $in and I were quite a trio back in the day and I expect tonight to be a flashback of that, minus one or two things. I'm looking forward to it. I have not seen him since we were down in Austin with Wesley and stayed with him back in early spring of 2000.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another Miracle!

I just found out $in and I will be on the guest list for And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead tomorrow night! Our friend Eric who used to live here but has been in Austin 5 years, or maybe more, is going to be in town and is on the list plus 2 so we're in. It's going to be a long night at the Metro. I was already planning on going to the Roller Dirby benefit. Better bring my flask. It's a goddamned miracle I tell you! Whooo!!

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Mung

After taking some band photos at a near by watering hole; $in said he was really hungry. I asked him if he would like to go for some Jesus Fish Sticks or perhaps a Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese?

There is no need for me to write a big thing about this. My friend Danny Doom did a fine job yesterday. I would however like to sing along in the chorus with him and those police officers there. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??????

Now back to $in. He was not interested in going on that adventure. He asked if I would please bring him to White Castle. Mmmm…White Castle. I said sure only to discover it had been closed down! What the F??? Not that I go there all that often but it was comforting to know it was so close to home for when I did get that urge. Now I have to find where the nearest one is and maybe go on a real life Harold and Kumar adventure. Who’s ready to ride that cheetah?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bukowski at Bellevue

Little known avant-garde author Charles Bukowski took his first ride in a plane in the spring of 1970. His destination: a reading at Bellevue Community College in Washington State. That reading (one of his first) was captured on videotape by students, and the film was then promptly forgotten for 18 years. Now, you can see this underground literary lion in all his gritty glory during a one-hour reading that's powerful and scathingly humorous.

After being asked a few times late in the afternoon yesterday if I was going out I decided I really needed it, so it was an easy game time decision. I'm glad I did. It was fun. I was in a picture taking mood too so some of those should be popping up here. Unfortunately I am not set up to do that at work here. Not yet.

Before going out I watched this Bukowski disc I found on Netflix. If you are a Bukowski fan it is worth it. The quality is not great. The picture freezes on one shot a lot but you can understand him clearly and that is the most important part. Throughout the hour long reading he pours what I imagine is port wine from a thermos, fills the little cup all the way up, drinks it down in one gulp, and countinues reading. At one point he makes a comment in the middle of a story about how he was drinking a lot and then says, "as I am doing right now. Don't worry Ruby, if I'm happy then you'll be happy." He actually makes comments about people and places he is reading about throughout the reading. Good stuff. Mutt and Jeff hung out in the room with me watching and listening too.

I was thinking that I may come off a little hypocritical here. You see, I quite often talk about my drunken adventures and what not, but then talk about how my sister shouldn't do it. How come I can and she can't? There is a difference. I love drinking. I have fun. I don't need to do it, but I really love it. It quite often just enhances what I am or would already be doing and always makes for interesting stories and adventures. In some eyes it may seem like I over do it, and maybe sometimes I do, but really I think I usually have just the right amount for me. I still get up and do what I'm supposed to do in the morning and just about always make it to wherever it is I'm supposed to go. Us humans are allowed the occasional slip up though. Sure there is the occasional screw up or piss off, but that is part of the ride isn't it? You do that shit sober too. As long as there is no irreparable damage then you're alright. I want to always be able to drink and have a good time. On a nice sunny hot day when it seems a great idea to sit outside and sip margaritas I don't want to be at a place where I can't do it because I can't handle myself. Or not be able to enjoy wine with dinner, drinking beers at band practice, and so on. You get the drift. If I ever feel I am getting to that point I take a break from it.

My sister on the other hand gives drinking a bad name. She is a mean, nasty, violent, gross, disgusting drunk. She could be the poster child for why you shouldn't do it. When I'm around her like that I am completely turned off from drinking. It sickens me. I saved a few of the 100 messages she's left in the last day and a half to play for her if she gets sober again for a minute so maybe she will hear how awful she is and maybe it will have some kind of effect. But I really doubt it.

Ok, I'm done. With that said, let's get back to the fun and the good times. Cheers ya pricks! Hiccup! Thank you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mutt and Jeff

That's what I was calling the boys last night. It's fun having 2 cats around. Seven is really nervous still though but starting to come out a litte more. They both were in the windows when I left this morning. Sunday he stayed under my bed all day and growled everytime Cowpie came near. Cowpie has been great and I think he really likes having another little fella around and wants to be friends. I don't mind keeping Seven and feel he would probably be much happier at my place, but he is not mine so I suppose I have no say in that.

My sister has pushed me to the end of my rope and I am through with her, at least while she is acting like she has been. I told her how it would go down last night when she left if she called or showed up drunk again, but I guess she did not take me seriously. I've tried to help her in every possible way I know how and she just does not get it, and I don't know if she is ever going to, but I'm done. I had to unplug my phone last night at midnight so I could get some sleep. There were at least 20, maybe more, messages from her between 12:00 and 6:30 this morning. They get more and more desparate and pathetic and drunk and threatening as they go on. She can come get her fucking cat when she is sober and she can do it around my schedule, not hers!

Ok, on a different note, I believe the new Milk At Midnight discs have arrived. Also the new website is up. Check it out: Also, The Cough is off all week. It's going to be another really nice day outside today. I'm reading a really great book called You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggars. These are some of the positive things and that is what I will ride on today.

Monday, April 18, 2005

It should be noted

Neither my kitty, windows, nor car were damaged this weekend. My tolerance however for dealing with this sort of behavior has reached it's limit. At least I hope so.

With that aside, I received an e-mail asking how my weekend was. I responded with "didn't I already answer that?"

This was responded with "it was all negative and I chose to ignore most of it."

Ah, well in that case, I saw a kick ass band on Friday called Death From Above 1979. They are like a mix of Brainiac meets God Head Silo. I had a whole lot of fun with Eric, Kelly, Amy, Dave O'Brien, Heather, Dave Putman, Darby, Rudy, a book about ice cream which some girl stole from me while I was reading it outloud at Inn Joy and others. The weather was great this weekend and I had a nice bike ride to Doom's for a really great practice. Saturday night I watched the Bulls win, spun tunes, drank a little, and played with Cowpie.

Death From Above 1979

I went to see them at The Bottle on Friday. They were fucking great and it was great time. I'm so glad there are bands still doing that kind of music. Had a really good band practice on Saturday afternoon. The rest of the weekend was terrible. Without getting too into I'll just say that it involved broken windows, a keyed car, a terrified cat, the police, the emergency room, temper tantrums, not very much sleep, a rude awakening, vomit, and left with a feeling of helplessness.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Last night after I was quite buzzed I did a somersault on the way to the bathroom. It was so much fun that I did one on the way back to the couch. Cowpie seemed confused. I bet he would like to do one too.
"Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink."

-Charles Bukowski-

Thursday, April 14, 2005

All I know is

The tiger monkeys and cheeseburgers
How to sleep on my couch
How to break things
How to play guitar
How to be annoyed
How to get destroyed
How to not fix things
How to enjoy
How to start and not finish
How to solve for X
How to somehow still look on the bright side of life
How to tell someone they are wrong
How to sing a song
How to not always be right
How to spend

Oh what the hell! Shut the hell up! I left to get breakfast and coffee and came back and read this and thought, this is fucking stupid. Shut the hell up! You don't know anything.

I do know it is Thursday. All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Thursday. We switched our band practice night and I guess it threw me off. You can imagine the disappointment waking up and realizing it is not Friday today.

Rob at work here keeps burping and excusing himself. "Rob, if you do that again I will do nothing!" I tell him.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Good News For People Who Love Bad News

After spending 2 and half days being pissed, I have to be able to laugh about this now. I was talking to my mom this morning and she laughed and laughed and laughed. Yeah, it is pretty funny I guess. Boy, I really know how to make expensive fuck ups. If anything, if you think you have bad luck, after reading this maybe you can tell yourself, at least I don't have as much bad luck as this guy.

On Monday I mentioned I had lost my car keys. My suspicion lies in Flynn Flam’s garbage, but really they could be anywhere. They could be in the back of a cab, or the Chicago River, Borders bookstore, or maybe Tommy Lee has them. They could be in someone’s couch, at Beachwood, or maybe even Otis the dog’s belly. Who knows? They are gone.

Good news is I didn’t have to pay $160 to a locksmith. I called the closest Buick dealer and explained my situation and they had me bring down the title, looked up the VIN #, and were able to make me a duplicate key. Bad part was that it was a long bus ride. 6750 W. Grand.

More bad news is that the car had been towed before I had a chance to do all of this. It was parked in front of a school across from Flynn Flam’s. I knew I would be ticketed but there was no sign where I was parked that said I would be towed. The police officer said there is a new law since 9/11 stating that a vehicle cannot be parked in front of a school during school hours for suspicion of a bomb. While this probably is a good law, it did not help me out very much. So the car was towed Monday. The pound would not let me break into the car even though the police officer told me I would be able to do that. I had to wait until Tuesday after work to go to the car dealer, so the car had to spend the night and go up another $10. The total cost to get it out was $170. After trucking all the way down to the Buick dealer, I then took public transportation to Chicago and Sacramento, which was another very long trip, and then spent almost 3 hours at the pound. The whole time in line hoping the previous owner/owners of the car had not ever changed the locks. I finally got out to check my car to discover my left front turn signal cover had been broken, so I filled out a complaint form and had the supervisor and a cop look at the car. Before I can file it I have to go get 3 estimates to file with the complaint and then there is probably a slim chance the city will pay for this. I seriously doubt it but I have to try. But at least the key worked. The car is happy and at home.

As it would appear from all of this, I must still be on the Karma Payment Plan.

uh-oh down low
I am not who I want to be
I probably will not ever be
I drove my car June 14th
I drove it right down the street
I had not had any sleep
so I ate Minithins to stay awake
you crashed your car right into me
there was two days I didn't sleep
uh-oh downlow
I am not who I want to be
I probably will not ever be
I took a trip down to California
karma payment plan
my car broke down out in the street
the radiator sprung a leak
I met this guy he said he could help me
I'm on the karma payment plan
we went to his house and did some speed
he said karma would pay for this deed
he got it fixed and he started to scare me
I ditched him eventually
and came back for the van
the next morning
I'm on the karma payment plan
I went to LA the next day I got
jacked in a real bad way
I cant tell you
its a long story

-Modest Mouse-

Monday, April 11, 2005

King of the Dull Thump

It was a really fun weekend but it ended bad because your brilliant narrator lost his damn car keys. How's that for smarts? No idea where they are. I have a spare key for the ignition but not one to get into the car. I have to go back over to Flynn Flam's after work and break into it and bring it to a locksmith and a get new lock put in. Yes I know, brilliant.

Ok, for a recap. I stayed in on Friday. I was completely exhausted from Wednesday and Thursday. Sis stayed the night again. There was no drinking. Much more pleasant than Thursday. I had Intermission and Sideways. We watched Sidways. I loved it! At first I was a little nervous because there is a whole lot of wine drinking in it, but she was fine with it. So anyway, I thought the movie was really funny. The main two characters were pathetic but it made for a funny movie. Thomas Haden Church is hilarious! "Don't you want to know what that hot box feels like wrapped around your Johnson?" Also, $in got us Tom Petty and Black Crowes tickets. That is going to be a good time. Hopefully there will be whole gang of us going.

My body is very sore today. Combination of helping $in move a bunch of stuff out of his old apartment and basement(2 couches, a dresser, a huge tv, a dryer, some amps, etc...), bike riding, drunk wrestling with Flynn Flam, and walking on the rocks barefoot crossing the Chicago river by North Park University Sunday morning. I'm sore.

Other fun things were cooking out with Flam, Doom and Steph on Saturday. Later that night Flynn Flam and I met up with $in at some really awful Lincoln Park bar that he had to be at for some birthday party. I bet you'll never guess who was there. Tommy Lee of Motley Crue! That is the last person I would have expected to see there. I wonder what he was in town for and why he was there. He was standing just a few feet away from us. I didn't talk to him. $in said hi though and offered to buy him a shot, which he said no thanks to, but I guess he was really nice. Weird wild stuff. Hanging at Derrick and Liquor's later that night was fun also.

I guess that's it. I sure am sore.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Bad Days

You're sorta stuck where you are
But, in your dreams you can buy expensive cars,
or live on mars
and have it your way
And you hate your boss at your job
well in your dreams you can blow his head off
in your dreams
show no mercy
And all your bad days will end
And all your bad days will end
You have to sleep late when you can
And all your bad days will end

-The Flaming Lips-

Shaun of the Dead

I am very much a zombie today. I told someone I passed in the hall that I was a zombie and they asked if I went out last night. I said "I really wish I were a zombie from whooping it up the night before." I cannot take another night like the last 2. I just can't do it. I would like to watch Shaun of the Dead again. That would make me smile. The Musicmatch dj is spinning a nice mix of Police songs at my request for Police music this morning. "Bring on the Night."

Thursday, April 07, 2005

More Than One Cup Day

I've broken my one cup of coffee a day rule today. I'm very tired. I did a focus group late yesterday afternoon. $in and I both did it. We had to pretend we didn't know each other. We got payed $75 for one hour. Not bad. Sometimes these things can really drag because people don't talk. The topic yesterday was beer though and guys who drink beer usually like to talk about beer so it was pretty fun and went by quick. Talking about beer for an hour made me thirsty so $in and I decided to go grab one at at Mother's and look at the lovely waitresses. One led to 2 and then we left. This led me to pick up more before going home to listen to The Cubs and read more from the Dr. Thompson Rolling Stone issue. This eventually led me to go out and get a couple tacos. I came back and listened to the rest of the game. Cubs lost. This led me to have one more beer, listen to some music while finishing the story I was reading. At 1:00 I was ready to fall asleep when the phone rang. A very upset and hysterical voice on the other end of the phone. Another fist fight. Another arrest. Off I went to calm her down so she would not do anything stupid. I didn't get to sleep until after 4:00. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I'm drained.

No Cough

No Cough
No Cough No Cough No Cough

The Cough
Is off
The Cough is off is off is off

We here
The Cough is off is off is off

No Cough
No Cough
No cough No Cough No Cough

Pronunciation: 'kof
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from (assumed) Old English
cohhian; akin to Middle High German kuchen to breathe
intransitive senses

1 : to expel air from the lungs suddenly with an explosive noise
2 : a condition marked by repeated or frequent coughing

The Cough stands at around 5 '4 or 5 '5 and is shaped somewhat like a troll. The cough is female. The Cough has hair just a little shorter than shoulder length, permed, feathered, hair sprayed to perfection, and sits upon a head which hosts a face like a rat. The Cough is always dressed in either a grey, black, or brown business suit. The Cough has hunched shoulders and walks with a tilted head. The Cough has some form of cold 85% of the time which entails constant sniffing, snorting, and coughing. When The Cough is not sick The Cough still coughs. A drinking game could be played where a sip is taken for every cough and you could probably catch a pretty good buzz within an hour. The Cough speaks with a nasally voice. The Cough is who your narrator reports to daily. The Cough also is a lip smacker and whenever your narrator hears that sound behind him he knows it will immediately be followed with the question, "how's it going(cough!)?" This meaning, are you doing your work? This is a question your narrator and other folks are asked quite often on a daily basis. The Cough sits around the corner from this spot, but not today(cough!!).

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Plan

I will purchase 2 tickets to Senegal. One for Flynn Flam and one for myself. We will rent a car and drive to the country side. Our mission, to tape money to donkeys. We will look for donkeys standing alone so we can tape money to their sides for their owners to find. What will their owners think? Money taped to a donkey? It is a great idea, I know this. The money will be within a pouch we'll make from a pad of graph paper I bought, bound with medical tape. On the paper, using a Sharpie, I will write a note of greeting and explanation. That message:

/ /

Hey, this thing is working again

Earlier I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode. I swear 11 people in row came by my desk to inform me of cake and punch down the hall and I better go get some. I don't want cake and punch goddamnit!

Now I will be a human and announce the obvious to all Chicago people. IT'S A NICE DAY OUT TODAY! It is very stuffy in the office though. Booo!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

This is the 10th Post of the Day

Last one. The score of the game right now is UNC - 18 ILL - 17. I think it will be a good game. I never watch college basketball. I'm kind of into it right now though.

The Cubs won their season opener by stomping on the Diamondbacks 16 to 6. Sammy who? Great way to start the season!

I just saw a tv trailer for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I'm very curious. I hope it's good. The trailer looked pretty cool.

Below is Cowpie. I wish I would have remembered I had this picture when I was sending them to Lou Barlow. Cowpie, you don't have thumbs!

Cowpie helping him self to a drink of water from the water cooler. Posted by Hello

Otis. He lives with Derrick and Johnny Liquors but isn't their dog. Posted by Hello

Urinal at The Mutiny. This thing is the size of a bathtub! Posted by Hello

and more guitars Posted by Hello

Easter Guitar Posted by Hello

more guitars Posted by Hello

Guitars Posted by Hello

I've Neglected Friday

Sorry about that Friday.

I hung out with my friends Areos and Pete. 2 people I had not seen in quite some time. Our friend Fred built these guitars and had then on display at Atomix Café. They were pretty cool. I took pictures and if I remember I will post them when I get home. After seeing the guitars and visiting for a little while we went over to Beachwood for a couple and then to The Mutiny to see Big Buildings. Yes, I spent my weekend at The Mutiny. It was great to hang out with those guys.

My legs seem to be getting more sore as the day goes on. I had to squat down earlier and I had trouble standing back up! Hahaha! Seriously.

I should also note those song lyrics posted earlier should not be read into too much. I just think it is a really good song and it happened to be playing when I was typing. Why did feel like I had to explain myself? I should change the name of this site to Ramblings of a Madman.

Just had Chipotle for lunch. I'm not so sure that was a good idea.


My friend Rosa who lives in San Francisco called a little while ago and asked what I was doing the weekend of May 7th. I knew that date sounded familar but couldn't think of what. Maybe I have a show I said, but otherwise I don't think anything. I do have a show on the 7th! How about that. She can see us play when she is here. That is what you call synchronicity.

The show on Saturday was a lot of fun. I enjoyed all of the band's sets. It was a good night. I just sounded like Wesley Willis, didn't I? There was no weirdness, which I didn't think there would be, but there was that possibility. I was bummed my cousin and his wife had to leave early and missed our set but it was nice that they came out. Here are pictures from that night which were sent to me this morning.

I am

veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery tired. Did I blog earlier this morning? I did. Yeah. I need coffee. Damn, I thought it was going to be a Cough free day but I just heard it. Oh well.

My legs are sore. I guess that means I should run more. I need it.

Wide Awake

I woke up on the couch all confused an hour ago and now I am wide awake. I'm all out of whack. I was awake and didn't get home until like 10:00 Sunday morning, eventually took a Newark Nap(I don't know man) woke up, took a walk, and started boozing again. I got problems. Maybe not. Maybe just bored. Watched Friday Night Lights finally. I liked it. They take their foorball very seriously in Texas. This post is going to be all over the place. It's almost 4:00 in the morning. What do you expect? I had a blast running one of $in's dogs Sunday morning. We really fucking ran! People were going to church and I was a drunk running with a dog. Flynn Flam had the other dog and Kelly just tried to keep up. It was fun. Listening to Garden State right now. I think I'll do a shot, smoke, then try and get some sleep. Here is a powerful song from that soundtrack by Colin Hay from Men At Work fame:

I drink good coffee every morning
Comes from a place that's far away
And when I'm done I feel like talking
Without you here there is less to say
I don't want you thinking I'm unhappy
What is closer to the truth
That if I lived till I was 102
I just don't think I'll ever get over you
I'm no longer moved to drink strong whisky
'Cause I shook the hand of time and I knew
That if I lived till I could no longer climb my stairs
I just don't think I'll ever get over you
Your face it dances and it haunts me
Your laughter's still ringing in my ears
I still find pieces of your presence here
Even after all these years
But I don't want you thinking I don't get asked to dinner
'Cause I'm here to say that I sometimes do
Even though I may soon feel the touch of love
I just don't think I'll ever get over you
If I lived till I was 102
I just don't think I'll ever get over you

Friday, April 01, 2005

Cowpie says "Welcome April!"

Actually he just says "meow!!" He has woken me up at 5:00 AM all week, but this morning he let me sleep. Don't know what was different about today, but I thank you Cowpie. Maybe he finally caught on that if wakes me up early I'm going to grab him and make him stay under the covers with me until he gets super pissed off. Careful what you wish for buddy.

I love opening up e-mail when I first get to work that makes me laugh. I got one from Mad Gay Steve this morning. Here is the part that made me laugh:

"i see that you have a show tomorrow, i wish i could make it. i have to be at a get to know you thing for john malone's wedding. the crazy bastard asked a short gay man to be is best man. i have no idea what he was thinking. i am NOT good at getting a bunch of naked women to perform!"

On the train this morning I thought it would be really funny to e-mail my band and Gina and tell them I could not play the show tomorrow as an April Fools joke but quickly lost interest in the idea. Here is the info on that show:

Whoa! On Saturday April 2, before you spring forward and lose an hour, come on out and join Milk at Midnight for a serious bash over at your favorite watering hole ...

The Mutiny
2428 N. Western
It's a Free show!

There'll be food a-grillin' and beer a-spillin', and general good times had by all, here's the sordid details:

At 9pm, it'll kick off with
The Pillowmints
followed by Textbook
then Venomlords (your hosts)
and next up is the MAM otherwise known as Milk at Midnight
and finally It's a Wise Child

Come early and stay late!

And finally, we here at utchmynitz realise that The Cough has been mentioned numorous times here, but besides mentioning that The Cough is a real person and part of a story and someone who obviously bothers the staff extremely, not much else has been said to paint a really good picture of the situation. The staff is putting together a better description and will post it soon. You have our word. Thank you.