Monday, April 18, 2005

It should be noted

Neither my kitty, windows, nor car were damaged this weekend. My tolerance however for dealing with this sort of behavior has reached it's limit. At least I hope so.

With that aside, I received an e-mail asking how my weekend was. I responded with "didn't I already answer that?"

This was responded with "it was all negative and I chose to ignore most of it."

Ah, well in that case, I saw a kick ass band on Friday called Death From Above 1979. They are like a mix of Brainiac meets God Head Silo. I had a whole lot of fun with Eric, Kelly, Amy, Dave O'Brien, Heather, Dave Putman, Darby, Rudy, a book about ice cream which some girl stole from me while I was reading it outloud at Inn Joy and others. The weather was great this weekend and I had a nice bike ride to Doom's for a really great practice. Saturday night I watched the Bulls win, spun tunes, drank a little, and played with Cowpie.


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