Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Good News For People Who Love Bad News

After spending 2 and half days being pissed, I have to be able to laugh about this now. I was talking to my mom this morning and she laughed and laughed and laughed. Yeah, it is pretty funny I guess. Boy, I really know how to make expensive fuck ups. If anything, if you think you have bad luck, after reading this maybe you can tell yourself, at least I don't have as much bad luck as this guy.

On Monday I mentioned I had lost my car keys. My suspicion lies in Flynn Flam’s garbage, but really they could be anywhere. They could be in the back of a cab, or the Chicago River, Borders bookstore, or maybe Tommy Lee has them. They could be in someone’s couch, at Beachwood, or maybe even Otis the dog’s belly. Who knows? They are gone.

Good news is I didn’t have to pay $160 to a locksmith. I called the closest Buick dealer and explained my situation and they had me bring down the title, looked up the VIN #, and were able to make me a duplicate key. Bad part was that it was a long bus ride. 6750 W. Grand.

More bad news is that the car had been towed before I had a chance to do all of this. It was parked in front of a school across from Flynn Flam’s. I knew I would be ticketed but there was no sign where I was parked that said I would be towed. The police officer said there is a new law since 9/11 stating that a vehicle cannot be parked in front of a school during school hours for suspicion of a bomb. While this probably is a good law, it did not help me out very much. So the car was towed Monday. The pound would not let me break into the car even though the police officer told me I would be able to do that. I had to wait until Tuesday after work to go to the car dealer, so the car had to spend the night and go up another $10. The total cost to get it out was $170. After trucking all the way down to the Buick dealer, I then took public transportation to Chicago and Sacramento, which was another very long trip, and then spent almost 3 hours at the pound. The whole time in line hoping the previous owner/owners of the car had not ever changed the locks. I finally got out to check my car to discover my left front turn signal cover had been broken, so I filled out a complaint form and had the supervisor and a cop look at the car. Before I can file it I have to go get 3 estimates to file with the complaint and then there is probably a slim chance the city will pay for this. I seriously doubt it but I have to try. But at least the key worked. The car is happy and at home.

As it would appear from all of this, I must still be on the Karma Payment Plan.

uh-oh down low
I am not who I want to be
I probably will not ever be
I drove my car June 14th
I drove it right down the street
I had not had any sleep
so I ate Minithins to stay awake
you crashed your car right into me
there was two days I didn't sleep
uh-oh downlow
I am not who I want to be
I probably will not ever be
I took a trip down to California
karma payment plan
my car broke down out in the street
the radiator sprung a leak
I met this guy he said he could help me
I'm on the karma payment plan
we went to his house and did some speed
he said karma would pay for this deed
he got it fixed and he started to scare me
I ditched him eventually
and came back for the van
the next morning
I'm on the karma payment plan
I went to LA the next day I got
jacked in a real bad way
I cant tell you
its a long story

-Modest Mouse-


Blogger Tankboy said...

chicago and sacramento?

worst fucking lot ever!

10:17 AM  
Blogger utchmynitz said...

Sarcasm on. I had a joyous time there. Sarcasm off. Fucking brutal!!!

1:59 PM  

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