Monday, April 11, 2005

King of the Dull Thump

It was a really fun weekend but it ended bad because your brilliant narrator lost his damn car keys. How's that for smarts? No idea where they are. I have a spare key for the ignition but not one to get into the car. I have to go back over to Flynn Flam's after work and break into it and bring it to a locksmith and a get new lock put in. Yes I know, brilliant.

Ok, for a recap. I stayed in on Friday. I was completely exhausted from Wednesday and Thursday. Sis stayed the night again. There was no drinking. Much more pleasant than Thursday. I had Intermission and Sideways. We watched Sidways. I loved it! At first I was a little nervous because there is a whole lot of wine drinking in it, but she was fine with it. So anyway, I thought the movie was really funny. The main two characters were pathetic but it made for a funny movie. Thomas Haden Church is hilarious! "Don't you want to know what that hot box feels like wrapped around your Johnson?" Also, $in got us Tom Petty and Black Crowes tickets. That is going to be a good time. Hopefully there will be whole gang of us going.

My body is very sore today. Combination of helping $in move a bunch of stuff out of his old apartment and basement(2 couches, a dresser, a huge tv, a dryer, some amps, etc...), bike riding, drunk wrestling with Flynn Flam, and walking on the rocks barefoot crossing the Chicago river by North Park University Sunday morning. I'm sore.

Other fun things were cooking out with Flam, Doom and Steph on Saturday. Later that night Flynn Flam and I met up with $in at some really awful Lincoln Park bar that he had to be at for some birthday party. I bet you'll never guess who was there. Tommy Lee of Motley Crue! That is the last person I would have expected to see there. I wonder what he was in town for and why he was there. He was standing just a few feet away from us. I didn't talk to him. $in said hi though and offered to buy him a shot, which he said no thanks to, but I guess he was really nice. Weird wild stuff. Hanging at Derrick and Liquor's later that night was fun also.

I guess that's it. I sure am sore.


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