Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mutt and Jeff

That's what I was calling the boys last night. It's fun having 2 cats around. Seven is really nervous still though but starting to come out a litte more. They both were in the windows when I left this morning. Sunday he stayed under my bed all day and growled everytime Cowpie came near. Cowpie has been great and I think he really likes having another little fella around and wants to be friends. I don't mind keeping Seven and feel he would probably be much happier at my place, but he is not mine so I suppose I have no say in that.

My sister has pushed me to the end of my rope and I am through with her, at least while she is acting like she has been. I told her how it would go down last night when she left if she called or showed up drunk again, but I guess she did not take me seriously. I've tried to help her in every possible way I know how and she just does not get it, and I don't know if she is ever going to, but I'm done. I had to unplug my phone last night at midnight so I could get some sleep. There were at least 20, maybe more, messages from her between 12:00 and 6:30 this morning. They get more and more desparate and pathetic and drunk and threatening as they go on. She can come get her fucking cat when she is sober and she can do it around my schedule, not hers!

Ok, on a different note, I believe the new Milk At Midnight discs have arrived. Also the new website is up. Check it out: http://www.milkatmidnight.com/ Also, The Cough is off all week. It's going to be another really nice day outside today. I'm reading a really great book called You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggars. These are some of the positive things and that is what I will ride on today.


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