Friday, April 01, 2005

Cowpie says "Welcome April!"

Actually he just says "meow!!" He has woken me up at 5:00 AM all week, but this morning he let me sleep. Don't know what was different about today, but I thank you Cowpie. Maybe he finally caught on that if wakes me up early I'm going to grab him and make him stay under the covers with me until he gets super pissed off. Careful what you wish for buddy.

I love opening up e-mail when I first get to work that makes me laugh. I got one from Mad Gay Steve this morning. Here is the part that made me laugh:

"i see that you have a show tomorrow, i wish i could make it. i have to be at a get to know you thing for john malone's wedding. the crazy bastard asked a short gay man to be is best man. i have no idea what he was thinking. i am NOT good at getting a bunch of naked women to perform!"

On the train this morning I thought it would be really funny to e-mail my band and Gina and tell them I could not play the show tomorrow as an April Fools joke but quickly lost interest in the idea. Here is the info on that show:

Whoa! On Saturday April 2, before you spring forward and lose an hour, come on out and join Milk at Midnight for a serious bash over at your favorite watering hole ...

The Mutiny
2428 N. Western
It's a Free show!

There'll be food a-grillin' and beer a-spillin', and general good times had by all, here's the sordid details:

At 9pm, it'll kick off with
The Pillowmints
followed by Textbook
then Venomlords (your hosts)
and next up is the MAM otherwise known as Milk at Midnight
and finally It's a Wise Child

Come early and stay late!

And finally, we here at utchmynitz realise that The Cough has been mentioned numorous times here, but besides mentioning that The Cough is a real person and part of a story and someone who obviously bothers the staff extremely, not much else has been said to paint a really good picture of the situation. The staff is putting together a better description and will post it soon. You have our word. Thank you.


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