Monday, March 28, 2005

Here is a Story

Which I will tell to the best of my knowledge and blurry memory. I was hanging up at Flynn Flam and Rhonda’s place on Saturday. We were at the Beetle earlier and then ended up over there. Flynn Flam and I at some point decided to walk out and get more Vodka, which of course involved a bit of a detour. This happens often when Flynn Flam and I are together. We went to some strange bars. On the way to one we had passed a place where we heard a lot of yelling and excitement going on. I believe they were speaking Chinese. Flam had joked earlier about it being an opium den. Well, eventually, after being at some other places we were on our way back and had to pass this place again. But before that we walked into a Chinese restaurant and did a shot of rum. Then we went to the place next door and that part is very blurry. All I know is that Flynn Flam was carrying a pizza, which I’m not sure where it came from. He is even a little confused whether he bought it or someone gave it to him. Pretty funny actually. So as we passed by this opium den or whatever it was there was still all kinds of excitement. Now I’m not sure who’s idea it actually was but the next thing I know I’m knocking on the door and when the door opened Flynn Flam asked if anyone had ordered a pizza. I think we walked in too. He can correct me if he remembers it differently. I do know that all the people in the room looked like they wanted to kill us. There was definitely some shady business going on there. Maybe they were playing Russian Roulette or had some kind of illegal gambling or other kind of operation going on. It was just weird. I had completely forgot about it until he mentioned something this morning. It's coming back to me more and more now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We did go into the place. It seemed like a safehouse for Asian mafia types.

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