Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Packed In Like Sardines

There was a bad accident on the Eisenhower Expressway this morning. There was a bad one on the Kennedy yesterday. This has to be the reason the trains were so incredibly packed the last 2 mornings. I would think with the weather as nice as it is people would be riding bikes, walking, skateboarding, rollerblading, doing The Worm, or any other form of transportation just to be outside. But, I was one of those train people too, so what can I say? So, yesterday I skipped the first train and hopped on the second one, which was a little less crowded. This morning I smashed my way onto the first train so I wouldn’t be late. I should have just waited. I was smashed up against the door with my book right in front of my face. I must have read the same paragraph 8 times. Someone kept dropping bombs. It was awful! Nothing worse than being stuffed into a slow moving, super warm, no circulation, overcrowded train and someone dropping ass with nowhere for it to go until the next stop. Brutal! It never really went away. My eyes watered and I thought I would scream.

This is true.

On the way home from work yesterday I stopped at Walgreen’s. In line behind me stood a black man with blue hair buying a red soda. I shit you not! Yes, I also thought this was strange and funny.

I am full of babble today but will stop after this.

After moving $in and Kelly on Monday we ate pizza and hung around and drank beers. I was talking to Helen who works at Beachwood. She said she had gone to see Slint over the weekend and how great it was. I asked if they played Good Morning Captain, except I could not remember the name of the song at the time, so I asked if they played that song "I MISS YOU!!!" They did. This was followed with a funny story. Helen is from England. She said when Slint were in London they hung out with some friends of hers in a pub all day and just got completely loaded. At some point one of the guys (I don’t know them by name) passed out on the bar. Every so often he would lift his head and say, "I miss you" and then go right back to sleep. Every time this would happen the whole pub would start cheering. I found this story very funny. Thank you.

Babble done.


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