Wednesday, March 16, 2005


It is 4:30 and I am still drunk from last night. At least I am not at work. The vacation, and bender, will end tomorrow. I am really craving Chipotle. I have to walk out and get my car, which is just down the street, but I was drunk and knew I shouldn't drive anymore(smart Utch), and so I will go to Chipotle. I will also rob the Quikie-Mart. I will also do cartwheels. I will also blast music. I will also blast a pint. I will also sing really loud alone. I will also pick my nose. I will also wear sunglasses. I will also poop. I will squeeze Cowpie and tell him he is the best pussy ever. I will also be very glad to be alive and tell myself that I like things. Today is my Sunday and I'm going to end this shit loudly. As your attorney I advise you do the same.. Thank you


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