Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Another Year Older America

Nice work! I roared into your birthday weekend like a lion. Like a raging beast! I ended your celebration weekend like a lamb though. I started roaring on Thursday, paused for a little sleep and a work shift on Friday, then roared and raged into the night and early morning with Steve, Jim, and Rhonda, slept a little, and then roared more through the next day before eventually making it to Skid and Amy's birthday party, which I can honestly say was one of the best parties I've been to. At the party I roared and raged even louder before finally cooling down at home as the sky started to lighten. Sunday I stalled as long as I could before finally driving out to the suburbs in the afternoon for a party at my mom's. I felt bad because I was pretty out of it and not all that social. I told my mom that I thought I had talked so much the night before that I ran out of conversation. I actually did try to carry on conversation and wasn't trying to be anti-social; I was just having a hard time doing more than having quick small talk and then drifting off. I spent the night out there, was still a space case on Monday, went to visit a friend, had some food at the ribfest during a small window of the day that was not raining, burned lots of music, then drove back home in the pouring rain. I came home to some hungry, stinky, and very happy to see me kitties, got mad at another Cubs loss, cracked open a beer and nursed it, put on some music, and enjoyed the many firework displays in the neighborhood that went on for hours while nursing about 3 or 4 more beers. Today I feel pretty good. I have a lot to do this week.


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