Monday, July 03, 2006

Thanks Baby!

My friend Joey was nice enough to let me ride her bike home last night so I didn't have to walk, bus, or cab home. It's an old, big, pink bike with a basket in front and a bell. It sort of looks like this.

Thinking, I'm so going to get beat up, I decided to ham it up. I put on the shades and rang the bell, waved, and yelled to everyone I passed. One woman said I scared the hell out of her. Ding ding, whoop!! Another person yelled "SWEET RIDE!" I pulled up to the window at the gas station and asked for a pack of cigarettes. Just like in the movies. He asked me "what kind?", and I said, "what do you mean?" We worked it out, I handed him the cash and said "thanks baby!" He smiled nervously and I was off and running again. I felt like Pee Wee Herman on my bike journey. Today I am tired.


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