Friday, May 19, 2006


Coworker just made the sound you get when you keep your lips together and blow hard enough to make them flap and vibrate. Immediately following the sound he simply said the word "HORSE." I turned around and looked at him as he simply kept typing numbers with a blank look on his face. Hmmm. I turned back around, chuckled and continued typing. Another coworker just informed me that her brefast made her lazy. Not her BREAKfast, but her BREfast. Ahh, people are funny. Everyone is a character.

Anyway, good morning wiggleworms! It's been a week of good rock shows it seems. I've missed 2 already I would have liked to have attended. 1 being Wolfmother at Metro last night. I'm not sweating it too much though. I saw them at the Bottle a couple months ago. They were amazing and I'm sure they were last night as well. They'll be at Lolla this summer though, so I'm not sweating it.

I do regret not going to see Pearl Jam at the United Center. I've read the Vedder hating Dero review and Danny's review. After the show I saw a few summers ago at Alpine Valley, I believe

Tonight, this man is in town.

Chicago has been long overdue for a Greg Dulli visit. I've very much been looking forward to this show. Now that the club is smoke free I wonder what Greg will do. I wonder how I'll handle not being able to chain smoke while getting my drink on and taking in the soothing songs of sex, drug abuse, and love gone wrong. I'm sure I'll survive. Tonight's Twilight Singers show is at Metro.



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