Monday, June 26, 2006

The Doom and the Yellow Man

A couple weekends ago I was hanging at the May Fest in Lincoln Square for many, many hours with the Flynn Flam, The Doom, The Bill, The Steph, and The EriK. We had consumed many of the very large beers and were in the tent ordering another when The Flynn Flam and myself saw a yellow man walk by. The Flynn Flam said "Hey, it's Yellow Man" and I yelled out "HOT DAMN, IT IS A YELLOW MAN!! Let's follow him." The Flynn Flam and The Doom followed. It was very crowed in the tent and we had to push and swim our way through, but we eventually caught up with him. I said, "Hey, you're a yellow man!" He agreed that he was indeed a yellow man and handed me his card. Sure enough he had a Yellowman card. Performance Artist, Wedding Minister, Promotions, DJ, Bartender, and Free Pedicab Rides. The Yellowman does it all. I asked to take his picture and he said "sure." I told The Doom to join in. The Yellowman was just as intoxicated as the rest of us and a good sport.

When the May Fest was over the rest of our gang went on its merry way, but The Flynn Flam and I carried on. We walked down "Western Ave. stopping in different bars on the way to Celtic Crown and then back down Western Ave. towards where we originally started out hitting different bars all the way back. We ran into the Yellowman again at one of them and had a drink with him and were told to come back again real soon. The bar was changing its whole style and the Yellowman was going to be spinning anything we wanted to hear. "Ok, well we'll try, Yellowman."

I was with The Flynn Flam and saw the Yellowman this last Saturday afternoon outside selling boas on Halsted St. and said "HEY YELLOWMAN!" Yellowman gave me the deer in headlights stare. He didn't remember us.

Ok, time for dinner
but it smells like cat poop
so it's time to scoop.


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