Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Round 1 Opens the Eyes

Round 2 brings out the personality. What would I do without coffee?

This morning my blurry eyes woke to a lump of cat to left of my feet and a lump of cat to right of my feet. I yelled out "Good morning feet potatoes!" They looked happy.

It's struggle this morning. I didn't stay out too late last night, but ended up late anyway. The war with the neighbors was on again last night. I live next door to a real nutball. A real serious wacko! But I won't get into it much here. Anyway, she's always fighting with the girls in the apartment below her. Around 7:00 last night the pounding, door slamming, yelling and making fake sex sounds out the window started, and I just thought to myself, I'm glad I'm heading out soon and won't be here most of the night. Hopefully I'll be inebriated enough when I get home to just pass out and not hear anything.

Remembering the war would probably still be going on, I popped back a shot of Jameson before leaving Pontiac and hopped in the MaM Magik Van for a spin home. No such luck. The shot woke me up. The war was still on. The police showed up again. I heard the officer outside say "the same old fucking bullshit again." They spend a lot of time at the building these days I believe. Finally I crashed between 2:00 and 3:00 AM. ZZZ...ZZZZZZ....

Today's calender quote is:

"You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him."
-Johann Von Goethe-

I haven't been paying as much attention to ye ole quote calender as of late, but today's is a good one.

Ok, round 2 is down and I believe it is case where it's a cup for an eye this morning. Let's hope round 3 puts a little spunk in my funk.

On a side note, I was just sending an adminstrator an e-mail to let her know I had set her up with access to some databases. For some reason I thought of the movie Cable Guy and I damn near typed IN THE E-MAIL, "The password is NIPPLE." Sheesh! Ok, round 3 coming up!


Anonymous Daniel Doom said...

"wake up little snoozy! smell the smelling salts!"

just watched the Cable Guy again a couple of weeks ago. awesome.

"the password is...vagina!"

10:42 AM  

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