Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hey, Come To Our Show!!!!

It will be so much fun. I promise or else I will eat my own head!

Tankboy Presents!

Milk at Midnight
w/The Assembly (CD release show) -11:00
The Ladies and Gentlemen - 10:00
The Year After - Midnight
$7 / 21+ / 8pm doors

Milk At Midnight play at 9:00

Go here and print out the ticket for 2 bucks off at the door

Illinois Entertainer:

The Flaming Lips meet The White Stripes meet Led Zeppelin is probably the best way to describe the distinctive sound that permeates Milk At Midnight’s self-released EP, Letter Bombs And Holidays. They go from moody and droning on the opening number (”The BoyThat No One Knows”) to playful and light on the ever-so-mysterious bonus track. Other standouts include the Cure cover “10:15 Saturday Night” and the classic rock meets indie rock of “Satellite.”(www.milkat – Dean Ramos


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