Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Dude Abides

Had a bunch of folks over to watch The Big Lebowski last night. I need to watch it at least once a year. I bought the collecters edition. There is a hilarious intro. Many caucasians were consumed. Many beers were consumed. "Fuck it Dude, lets go bowling." We did. I didn't roll so well. Not too many did. D-R-U-N-K. Everyone was very much so. I've been told I stink of it today. No work for me tomorrow. Me likey that. The Houstons are playing the Chicagos in the World Series this year which is the championship of a sport that consists of only American and Canadian teams. Well, the players are from all over the world so that must be why it is a World Series. "Where is that confounded bridge?" "SHUT THE FUCK UP DONNY!"


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