Monday, September 26, 2005

We Got Plenty of Beer

It was not my intention to have a party yesterday, but that is certainly what happened. The Bears started at noon. A 30 pack showed up with some folks around 12:30. At halftime I went out got all the fixins for a Frito Pie. More folks came over. I had a 9 year old kitchen helper. She was great. We made a Frito Pie together, and chicken wings, and corn dogs and blew bubbles. I supervised and gave instructions and she served everyone. Very cute. More folks came over with more beer and booze and it was now officially a party. Being at work today is very rough. I'm not getting much done. Why oh why didn't I take a Rick Day. I thought about it but then decided to get in the shower and tough it out. Most of the teams I wanted to win did not yesterday, but the team I needed to lose did, so the loser pool continues with me in it. There is quite a bit of beer in my fridge still. "Oh my business!"


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