Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm So Bored I'd Probably Jump

4 cars and 3 are taxis
1 stops
1 turns left

and 1 hesitates


I was so looking forward to having a couple of nights with no plans and just hanging by me lonesome. Last night after working until 6:00, I came home, ate dinner, watched the Saints-Giants game until it switched at 8:00 to the Cowboys-Redskins game, passed out on the couch just before halftime, and woke at 2:00 and crawled to the bed.

Tonight after working late again, I took a long bike ride and ran some errands, made dinner when I got home, and now find myself in front of a Goddamn computer again! Christ, I'm in front of a damn computer all day long! Fuck, I'm bored already! No wonder I go out so much. I've started drinking out of bordom. There has to be more than this. Well, at least I had one sober day this week. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I guess it doesn't matter though, does it? Whether it's going out and getting drunk until 4:00 in the morning, climbing a mountain, playing sports, dating a new girl, doing somersaults or whatever. Comparisons are odious. It's still filling the same void. Well, I'm still going try and feel good anyway, so fuck it.


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