Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lazy Saturday(sort of)

It is very rare that I have a Saturday that I don't have something I'm supposed to be doing. I'm always either working or having band practice and quite often both. No complaints there, but I kind of forget what a normal Saturday is like. I stayed in last night so I was up fairly early this morning. I drank whiskey though so it was a Kerouak "One fast move or I'm gone" kind of moment. Cleaned the apartment a bit and then hopped on the bike and got some breakfast. Then I went to the T-Shirt Deli and had my Slurron the Intoxicator shirt made. I love it! That place is awesome. They wrapped the shirt up like a sandwich with a Grade A USDA Beef sticker on it, gave me some napkins, a bag of potato chips, and put it in a doggy bag and stapled it shut. Pretty cool!! The girls there got a kick out of the shirt. They asked if it was a gift or for myself. I giggled and said, "Oh it's for me!" "Even better" they said. It was a little pricey but worth it. $15 for the shirt and a dollar for each letter. A lot of letters in Slurron the Intoxicator.

There's more I've wanted to do today but it's real nice being lazy and relaxing so I've sort of dozed off a few times. I also have had the US Open on. Have I mentioned I like watching tennis? I have now. Andre Agassi had a rough start but he's looking pretty good now. He's playing a guy who was born the year he played his first US Open. Berdych is proving to be a tough opponent.

Ok, time to marinate some meat. I'm going to make a kick ass dinner tonight before heading out to rock and intoxicate people. Maybe I'll see ya at The Mutiny. ARRH!!!


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