Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Glug a Slug off the Jug

I haven't done that in a while. Been drinking beer a lot. I think I'm getting burned out. I started reading The Dharma Bums again this morning. Don't know? Just got in the mood.

I had dream last night. I don't remember how it ended. Maybe it didn't. I was hanging out with Flynn Flam. We were in some suburban town and trying to make it back to his home. It was like 3:00 in the morning. Not sure if we glugging slugs or not. Probably. We started jogging and soon realised we were being followed by a cop. I said something and Flynn said"just keep jogging." The cop eventually stopped us. He stared me up and down and then told me he was writing me a ticket for inciting a riot. "Inciting a riot?!" I said. "We're the only 2 people out here! What riot?" Then the officer said he was going to book me for resisting arrest. I was very frustrated at this point. I can't remember anything else from the dream, so maybe my alarm went off or I went into a different dream. Weird.

So, as gas prices soar to $3.00 a gallon and are rumored to be as high as $5.00 by the end of the year, I feel good about selling my car. But I also ask, what good has come from this war? And as more downsizing happens at my place of employment and around the country I ask, what good has come from this war? Someone? Anyone? Just tell me one good thing. I'm waiting.

On a different note, today is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! It's wierd, I had show on my sisters birthday, but that's not why I didn't see her. I have a show on my Dad's birthday, but that is not why I'm not going to see him today. But this one isn't a sad one. No, Dad lives in Arizona. But, I will see him soon. He's hopping in the RV this week with his wife and the dogs and driving to the midwest, stopping in Door County for a bit, and then parking it in Illinois for a bit. He should be here around the end of the month.

Ok then. "Tonight we rock Portland!" Wait a minute. No we don't. What was I thinking? Tonight we rock Double Door. Yes, that's more like it. You got it? Yeah! Alright then.


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