Monday, August 01, 2005

A Viking Funeral

We tried giving $in's old bike a Viking funeral Saturday night/Sunday morning. It rolled a few feet and then fell over in the middle of the alley. We then decided it would be best to stand it up by a garbage can.

A women I passed crossing the street at Damen and North on Saturday swung one of her crutches at me and hit me in the back. I have no idea why she did it. I just kept walking.

I gave my blue blockers away on Saturday. They looked cute on the girl I put them on so I told her she could wear them. I didn't see her again the rest of the night.

My brain feels like a raisin today.

I have not gone to church in a while but went to a temple recently.

I have a very large bruise on my right arm. Not sure where it came from.

The Cubs game sucked yesterday.

I'm getting water now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

son of a motherless goat.

3:24 PM  

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