Tuesday, July 19, 2005

But I Don't Have a Burger Rack on my Bike Jim

Ok, we'll get to the concert in a minute. I was hanging at my friend Jim's on Sunday. We drank a bunch beers in the afternoon and eventually grilled up some real phat cheeseburgers. Correction, 2 burgers with cheese and 2 without. We ate the 2 with cheese and were very full afterwards. A little later that evening when I was getting ready to leave Jim said "we need to send your other burger home with you. "But I don't have a burger rack on my bike Jim" I said. Jim said "Why not?", and I said "Well, I don't know." I decided to use the bathroom before leaving and when I came out Jim was standing by my bike holding the burger wrapped in foil under the bar just under the seat and wrapping black electrical tape around it. Awesome! A burger rack!! It made it the whole very hot long ride back and recieved a few chuckles too, or maybe it was just me who was being laughed at. I had hoped someone would have asked what it was but they didn't. Jim took pictures. I think I did too. I'm not going to promise to post them though because I seem to be really bad about saying I'm going to post pictures and then forgetting to.

Friday I raced out of work right at 5:00(this never happens), stopped at home to drop of my bag and grab the bike and raced over to Dawn and Adam's. The limo was picking us up at 6:00. I got there and cracked open a beer and drank about half and the limo pulled up. The car was stocked with beer and a half carafe of vodka and a half carafe of scotch. It was a great way to travel to a show. Unfortunately it took a very long time to get to the show. We had hoped The Black Crowes were going on at 7:30 but I guess they started at 7:00. We didn't get there until after 8:00. After standing in the bathroom line, the beer line where $in and I were told we needed our hands stamped, on to another line to get that done, and back in line for a beer, we heard and watched on the tv screen showing the concert at the beer stand as The Crowes finished Remedy and said "Thank you; good night!" Shit! I got over it pretty quick though. It seems like the shows have been going really well for them this tour and I have no doubt they'll be through here again on their own tour and a better venue. Tom Petty made up for it all though. He was great! There were some songs I would have really liked to have heard that he didn't play, but the guy has one hell of a library of good songs to choose from. Every song was a hit. So besides a few frat boy dipshits in front of us, I just took in the 40,000 people singing word for word along with Tom Petty for a couple hours, sucked down beers, and enjoyed the hot summer night. We were all happy.

When we arrived at the concert Adam and I were the last ones out of the car and noticed that we had drank all the beer including the ones we brought. Like I said, it was a long ride. We were talking about the beer while walking away right after the driver had told us where he would be after the concert and gave us his card and he yelled out "What kind should I pick up for you?" We were both drinking Old Styles and just held up our cans. After the concert the car was stocked with beer again. Good shit. We also dipped into the vodka and scotch on the way home. Partied more after being dropped off and was home by 5:00 AM and listening to a very drunk Danny Doom singing almost an entire Rolling Stones song on my voicemail left an hour earlier. I laughed and passed out. Work was a bitch on Saturday.


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