Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I don't actually deal with the public at work. All my customers are internal. But there are areas on the 18th floor here that do deal with the public. I was out in the hall around 11:00 using the bathroom or getting coffee or something and there was a guy out there causing some kind of ruckus in front of one of the windows and there was a security guard out there. I popped back into my work area so I didn't see how it all went down, but it must have got pretty bad because I was just out in the hallway now and there are 2 security guards hanging around out there. There has been guards all day. Must have been some serious threats made or something. Crazy! "We're guards."

On a different note, I thought I was purchasing a Sleater Kinney ticket today but apparently it is now sold out. I may try and go anyway though. You can usually find them outside. If you know someone looking to get rid of a ticket, send them my way.

And for something funny. I went out to Cleo's last night for 10 cent chicken wings washed down with many, many $3 Coronas. There is a 12 wing per person limit so Danny, Steph and I all naturally order 12 a piece. Danny ate all of his. He was really hungry, plus some fries and some of Steph's. She had mushrooms too, so she didn't eat all of her wings. Anyway, I was getting full and announced it. Danny said, "Wow, you're leaving all those huh?" I looked down and counted 7 wings and was like, "Shit, I guess I only ate 5. Strange" I was surprised I was so full because I felt like I had eaten so many more. So then I look at my plate of bones and count like 10 or 11 and was like what the hell! It turns out Steph was adding wings to my basket when I wasn't looking and I just kept eating away. You're a sneaky one!


Blogger Steph H said...

ya caught me. next time only wings and beers for me! don't need more than that, but i'll probably still sneak the legs on to your plate cause i don't likes them.

3:01 PM  

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