Thursday, July 20, 2006


Yesterday was Wiped Out Wednesday. Today is certainly Thirsty Thursday. Take a look outside Chicago. At least tomorrow is Fist Pumping Friday.

Last night I drank 16 beers while bowling. I bowled OK. Definitely have bowled better. Fun was had though.

I'm a little frustrated. I managed, well I guess purposly, to stay single for 2 years and just go on dates and hang casually with girls and not take anything too seriously. I guess I'm in a relationship now. I guess we've been exclusive for like a wopping 2 weeks after months of flirting and playfulness and now we are already fighting majorly over something I think is ridiculously stupid. Well, I take that back, over something that has been blown way out of proportion, and now I'm saying to myself, single wasn't all that bad. I had it pretty good there, didn't I? Ahh, maybe I will feel different tomorrow. The grass is always greener on the other side they say.


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