Monday, September 25, 2006

Dream(banana bugs)

So, I played hooky on Friday. Took a Rick Day I did. The W left my place at 7:45 AM and I proceeded to call into work and then went back to sleep. I was in a heavy sleep. I had a dream. Danny Doom was there in the dream. We were at my apartment. He was spinning REM records. That was all he cared about. Old REM records. Suddenly I saw a long yellow bug with brown and black stripes. It was big. I stepped on it. A few minutes later there were a couple more. I stepped on them. They looked dead for a minute and then got up and just kept on walking. What the hell! Then there was a little brown bug hovering in front of my face like a sweat bee. I would shoo it away and it would be right back there again a second later. Then there were more, and more, and more long yellow bugs crawling on the floor. Danny was still spinning REM records. Suddenly The W was there in the dream and in my apartment. I told her about the bugs, which for some reason she couldn't see, and she said, "Oh yeah, those are banana bugs." I said, "What the hell are banana bugs and why do I have them?!!! She just responded again with "Oh yeah, those are banana bugs. What you have there are banana bugs." I know they are banana bugs, but....!!" I said when suddenly Danny interrupts to ask me why my stereo sounds the way it does. It doesn't sound like his and he has a problem with it. He just doesn't understand this. I say, "I don't know! Jeez, can't you see I have a major banana bug crisis here??" He just goes back to picking out records and shaking his head. The W is still there just repeating the same thing, "Oh yeah, those are banana bugs. That's what you have there. Banana bugs." WHAT IN THE!!!!.....................

Suddenly I'm awake. The W knows I had decided to take a Rick Day and has decided to take a W Day as well and come back over. She wakes me with McDonalds. Phew.. No more banana bugs. I don't like banana bugs.


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