Friday, September 29, 2006

The Celebration of the Lizard

Had The Doors on me brain riding the train this morn. I couldn't be happier with any other music selection while working this morning. Thank you.

Lions in the street & roaming
Dogs in heat, rabid, foaming
A beast caged in the heart of a city
The body of his mother
Rotting in the summer ground.
He fled the town.

He went down South
And crossed the border
Left the chaos & disorder
Back there
Over his shoulder.

One morning he awoke in a green hotel
With a strange creature groaning beside him.
Sweat oozed from its shiny skin.


Anonymous Michael Gould said...

Hey bro, it's been a long time. Hope all is well. The Doors. Do you remember all the good times we had listening to those tunes. Good times indeed. Drop me a line. Take care bro. Mike

8:36 AM  

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