Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen"

"We're the Ladies & Gentleman. This next song is called 'I Wanna Thank You' and it's about thanking someone."

I checked out Skid's set at Kinetic Playground last night. They did an after the Franz Ferdinand/ Death Cab party show across the street from Aragon Ballroom. Besides the right side speaker of the PA going in and out for most of the second half of the set, they sounded great. Quite an interesting crowd in there too. There were a lot of very drunk people. When I was leaving I saw 2 very drunk guys fight in front of the club while another very drunk guy watched. It ended with one of the guys going down and cracking his head very hard on the concrete of the side of the building. The guy was having a very hard time walking afterwards and his drunk friend, who was in no condition to take care of him, stood there stupified. They eventually zig zagged down the sidewalk through some very thick apple sauce.

I realised today that Seven has been living with us for a year now. April 17th to be exact. Cowpie and I have enjoyed having ya around little buddy. You're good little dude.

I didn't drink all that much last night, but I feel like I did today. Could just be the staying up until 3:00 AM. Besides the flanger, we may have to throw in a little analog delay and wah wah pedal to help move this day along smoothly.

Let's end this with some words from Metric; a band I've been digging a whole lot lately:

Satisfy myself
Avoid beginners
Who long to shut my mouth
Till I take one of them home
'Cause I know how it feels
Filling in the blanks
Looking on the bright side
When there is no bright side
Coming in your pants
For the off chance
With a poster of a girl


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