Friday, December 30, 2005

Bird Watcher

That is something I was not this morning. I've had the week off of work. It has been wonderful. Today I work though. I was still pretty sleepy this morning while walking on the el platform when suddenly I felt something smack me on the top of my forehead. Whap! What the hell?!! I thought someone had thrown something at me, but immediately following the whap!, I saw a large pigeon frantically flying in front of my face and then fly away. There are no scratches on me, but I can definitely feel where I was hit. Watch where you're flying buddy!

In other news, with 2005 coming to an end I'm feeling optimistic. I'm thinking about where I was a year ago and where I am today. On the surface it may seem like not much has changed with me, but as far as my state of mind and where my head is at, I am in a much better and positive place. It's been a tough year and once again my tolerance for pain has demonstrated it's strength, but it has also been a really fun year. There have been many, many tears and many, many laughs. Probably more laughs than tears. I'm not going to make any resolutions again this year though. I have some big goals and I hope to accomplish them, and when I do I'll announce it in a nice and subtle way. Until then, watch out for tiger monkeys, wombats, and head smashing birds. I will do the same.


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